Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dream Horses

Galloping Horses in the Sky bring us into the World of B.B. Bastidas. His inner world of imagination is filled with skies of all seeing eyes, pyramidal triangles, and figures that move with swirling dots of color. His murals vibrate with effervescence, emotion and saturated color. Unique, his voice is imprinted on walls the world over. We are indeed fortunate to have introduced into our City of Oceanside one of his Murals on the wall of a building, 206 Wisconsin Ave.

A World Traveler and Muralist, his murals are instantly recognizable as B B Bastidas for the style is his own and the Vision of his work resonates with the Young and Old. His Murals on walls in Europe give B.B a world view that most us will never attain. His art travels are at his own discretion and he is unencumbered by the need for the “stuff” of my generation.  My fascination with his work is one of a commonality for the love of the Horse. 
Detail of Mural on Wisconsin

Perhaps my favorite image of his work is a water color painting of an Indian Chief. This painting shows how effortlessly the flow of paint makes an image which breathes it’s own life’s message, one of the past infused with the present.

It was indeed my pleasure to meet one of Oceanside’s emerging Artists whose work will continue to be created before our very eyes here and abroad. Thank you B. B for sharing your world with me yesterday.

More of his work can be seen on his Facebook Page