Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tango at the Beach 

Oceanside Pier May 30th,  2014
Night of the Tango...


It is said that Our Heartbeat, our most intimate life rhythm which is the one connected to our Human Psyche, is the most hypnotic when connected to a beat which seduces us. The rhythm of the Sea breaking on the shore, the beat of our child’s heart which is the creation of our loves, the throbbing of drums of the dance. So it is the Rhythm of Tango which has come to our shores of our Beautiful City of Oceanside CA.

My heart was filled last night with joy, seeing the people walking, playing, and Dancing here in the gathering soft night of Spring coming to our shores. The Tango has come, and brings a new vibe to our Ocean waves. It was a night which comes once in a while, no wind, there was no chill in the air, and everywhere you gazed, there was a happiness which overcame me with an emotion new and welcome, gladness. These are the rhythms which our souls respond to and amplify to fill our hearts with a gladness to be alive, here in Oceanside. I have come to this place many times and feel of these new vibrations extending from the children, and most of all the soft Ocean waves coming ashore bringing the Sea ever closer to my final place. For Someday, I will surely join the Dolphins playing with the currents of the Earth.  

The Tango has always seduced my inner being. The throbbing beat which is the same 60 second beat of our Hearts, with the underlying syncopated accented short accent, is completely intertwined with the emotional and the sensual nature of our Humanness. This in concert with the movement starting and not starting of closeness and separateness, of touching and not touching is irresistible in its intensity. Who cannot feel this in their “baja house”* and not succumb to the drinking of this thing we call Tango. More than a dance, it is the very exemplification of our desires, our physicality, and our longing to be "in the moment of the Rhythm".
Solar plexus …  

Tango on the Beach