Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The North County Arts Network
The 78 Corridor Collaborative Endeavor
“The Imagination Engine”

The Exceptional People of North County are collaborating with energy unparalleled.
The long time honored practice of competition of everyone for themselves has turned into a force of cooperation and realized recognition that by joining forces and talents we have unleashed a new and dynamic force of creative innovation.

I look forward to the Day when the two North County agencies will blend their energies and talents to embrace the ideals of STEAM ( science, technology ,engineering, art and math). The Arts which are left behind by State agencies in the instructional aspects of creative and imaginative education are being recognized by our North County Business and Educational organizations that without the Arts, the innovative process lacks the creative energies of imagination. “The Imagination Engine”  is what gives us the Aha moment and in turn turns the page for a new paradigm shift in how we integrate our most important resources.

Our Resources:

The Young Entrepreneur, the New Graduate, the Eager New Immigrant with a vision, The High School Senior who lives in the Digital Age, The Artist with Vision of Impossible Dreams, The Night School Student who will become the writer of the new American Dream. The Corporate CEO with a visionary plan for sustainable energy sources, the University President with a new View of Student Responsibilities and incorporating the interchange of world views between the students and business leaders, our Senior Citizens who find a vital new Community role of sharing expertise of past successes.

Our Civic Leaders who have become aware of the benefits of Collaboration and Innovation brought about by Imagination. “The Imagination Engine” will power our efforts to become the dynamic, creative, economic and innovative power of the San Diego North County Region. Our very air is an elixir of the possible. We have here in short, the Explorers of the New World of Collaboration.

The Math of exponential collaboration is still an unknown quantity. It is a new kind of Math, with a new formula being written. It is being written by You and by Me, by our Students, Civic leaders, and the Corporate world of bottom lines. I believe that the total of the New Math of Collaboration invigorated by “The Imagination Engine” will lead us into the Innovative Universe with the bottom line of an Economic Big Bang of Prosperity.