Saturday, August 4, 2018

Fred Tomaselli

In viewing Fred Tomasellis's works the space in your mind will expand into a new and “Dislocated Reality”. Like looking into a vortex, one work has an unrelenting pull, physically drawing you ever closer to the work until, your are standing with your nose an inch from the painting. The detail of his works is seductive and a new exciting experience.

Rarely do I write about the exhibitions at our Oceanside Museum of Art, for writers far better than I do the reviews for our local publications. However, this time, I because of my great enchantment of his works, I happily dare to give this humble blog a heads up for our Local and International followers the chance to experience his work. The two YouTube videos will give a good overview of his works and more, to have a chance to hear and see his process in constructing art forms which will be new to most of you.

I have worked in resin, and know how deadly this medium can be. Using respirators is mandatory or as I did sometimes work underwater to take the deadly dust away. Never though, did I consider using a blowtorch to finish my sculptures. The heat raises the tiny bubbles in the resin so they will surface and dissipate with the finishing. So, I can relate in some small way to his process with the resin. The small pieces of illustrations of birds and leaves of the actual visual aspects are beyond my head-space to digest. The minute pieces of materials used are truly Mind-blowing.

July 28th to December 2nd
at the Oceanside Museum of Art
704 Pier View Way
Oceanside CA 92054

Ruth J Jameson

Pelé      R J Jameson
Cast Resin  sculpture

Monday, June 18, 2018

The Art Walls O'side Project

Last Thursday evening was the premier of a new project of the Oceanside Cultural Foundation. The Art Walls O'side Project is an out reach to the East Side of Oceanside and beyond to share the Fine Arts created by our area Artists. So many are in our region without a gallery to exhibit their work. So many walls of possibility...

Our first Venue for this project is the O'Side Bakery in East Oceanside located at the intersection of El Camino Real and Mission Ave. Address is 3815 Mission Ave, suite 101. 760.305.9500.
Patrick Neil Brown

The Exhibition will change every two months and will present a new artist the “opening “ to be tbd.

The turnout was amazing and all were enchanted by the Art of Patrick N. Brown, Music by Robert Parker
with solo added by Noah Lightfoot. The tasty treats by the O'side Bakery. Out of this world bites of french inspired talent gave us Chocolate Truffles, Petite Macaroons, and more. Wine by Butterfield Satation  from Fratelli's Restaurant. The evening was graced indeed by the music of Robert Parker who has the magic hands at the piano that kept us all blissful with memories of today and yesterday.

Fine Art, Great taste treats, and happy music, can't beat that. Wouldn't even try...
Noah Lightfoot

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


The City of Oceanside Parks & Recreation is excited to bring you the 1st annual Sunday Night Jazz Series. Join us under the stars as you enjoy the melodies, rhythm, and sounds of the Gregory Michael Band, Jimmy William Band, and the
Big Band Jazz Hall of Fame!  Concert dates are June 24, July 22, and August 19.  Relax and kick-back as you enjoy complimentary hor d’ oeuvres with free wine and beer or dance the night away to this live musical experience. 
The shows are from 6:00-9:00 pm at the El Corazon Senior Center. (3302 Senior Center Drive in Oceanside) 
Tickets just went on sale for only $20 per show!
Tickets can be purchased by going to
For more information about Oceanside Parks and Recreation programs, please visit, call (760) 435-5041, or on Facebook at “City of Oceanside Parks & Recreation.”

Senior Service Team,

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Dear Friends and Colleagues

As we continue to celebrate Oceanside as a Cultural Arts City, the East side of Oceanside is beginning to have an art energy of its own. We who live and create in East Oceanside are energized by the new venues which are becoming a welcome harbinger of great things to come. The Heritage District has long been the center of our Cultural awareness, and for visitors a must see. The San Luis Rey Mission  and Heritage Park are the time honored center for our Visitors far and wide.   

As our City's Master Plan for the Arts becomes our guide for the future, one of the elements mentioned is to have venues for the Arts which are not necessarily traditional galleries.

To this end, The New O'side Bakery is presenting art on their walls for their patrons of good food. It is widely known that good food and art go together. So in June we are presenting the first of many openings for this upscale eatery.

is our first Artist with Pete Harwood and other regional artists to follow every two months. Patrick will be at the O'side Bakery for June and July. Photographer Pete Harwood for the months of August and September. We will have an opening for each artist who displays in this engaging venue.

We hope you will join us to celebrate our newest venue for the Arts in Oceanside, to let the whole world know that here in East O'side we will be a player in the world of arts for our region.
Pete Harwood   Oceanside Pier

Thursday, May 10, 2018


Julia Fister A Winner for the Arts and Education

Studio Ace received a 9000. grant from the Oceanside Charitable Foundation last night. Studio Ace will support the Community Arts Education Project with six Community projects this year. 

The Studio Ace is located next door to the East Oceanside Library. I first met Julia Fister when she was a volunteer at the Oceanside Museum of Art  in 2010. She was a glowing light for the Museum with her engaging personality and love of the Arts.

She then became the Director of Education for the Museum and was the originator of the Art Quest Program at OMA.  I was privileged to work with her for three years teaching the 5th Graders of our Oceanside Unified School District about making art in many different genres. She also presented the children historical insights about how the arts have changed over the years from the classical forms to the present digital arts we know in our everyday lives. 

Julia's new studio will be a guiding light for Children, Adults and schools in the East O'side and for our many diverse communities. Her door is always open. So, come by and welcome Julia to the place where the Arts and Education will grow and thrive...welcome Julia !!! 

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Artist Patrick N. Brown
Exhibition at the O'side Bakery
Oceanside CA


A while back I wrote a lament about the many doors of Artists Alley closing to Artists. The rents for studios have skyrocketed out of sight in Downtown Oceanside and most probably will never return to the level that an Artist could afford to be in Artists Alley. The Dream of Artists Alley is now a beloved memory for most of us, and we will whenever possible return to take part in special events. Possibilities remain with the vision of sculptures along the side of the Alley. Perhaps in our new Master Plan for the Arts in Oceanside, this could be an element to which the muse of the alley could smile about...

Now as I hoped, a doors are opening in our Cultural Heritage District in East Oceanside. The Muramid Mural Museum is soon to open next door the the San Luis Rey Bakery and Restaurant near the Mission. Julia Fister has opened her new studio, Studio ACE next door to the East Oceanside Library. And another door will open in June at the new O'side Bakery on Old Mission Ave.

Studio Ace will open in June with the programming in the visual arts for kids, adults, and programs which will be off site. The Studio is located in the Mission Plaza Real next door to the Library. The area is one of our oldest sites of the valley ranches. The Davy Jones Ranch used to be at the corner of what is now Rt.76 and Douglas. This is where the white horse in many of my paintings used to live. The old buildings are still there. a testament to when the Valley was a quiet place of green hills and many livestock.

Our Heritage District is a treasure for our historical record. The San Luis Rey Mission, the Heritage Park, and is now the new site where our beloved Muramid Mural Museum is located. We are eagerly awaiting the reopening of this most colorful and art inspired place to work. Joanne Tawfilis has completely renovated the old house located next to the San Luis Bakery and Restaurant, the address: 480 North El Camino Real, Oceanside, CA 92058. 

One more door will open on June 14th . The O'side Bakery located in the same center as Studio ACE will have their first opening for a fine art exhibition. Patrick N. Brown an artist of wondrous paintings will be our first exhibitor. The address is 3815 Mission Ave suite 101. The french pastries are my downfall...more treadmill work in my future. 

"Cyprus Tree Dream " Patrick N. Brown

A vision is building for the site of the closed Pacifica School in East Oceanside. Pacifica Farm a place where the vision is to grow good food, have healthy eating promoted with classes, a Farmers Market and quite possibly a place where performance can celebrate the fine art of the growing the good seeds of our lives.

More doors will open. The idea of an Art space in storage units is something to consider. The Bridge Storage in Richmond Ca has seen great success in attracting artists to these unique spaces, which in turn is building a new magnetic Art scene in the greater Richmond area...I see a lesson here. 

Monday, March 5, 2018

 Call for Artists Days of Art Oceanside CA

The Days of Art in Oceanside CA

Call For Artists
Oceanside Days of Art will come to the streets the weekend of April 14thand 15th. Artists are invited to apply in the fields of painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, photography, jewelry and mixed media. The deadline for early bird pricing is March 9that the cost of $135 for a 10x10 booth space and $220 for a 10x20 space. After March 9ththe cost will be $155 and $260. Applications are available at Participating artists are invited to attend a reception in the in honor at Oceanside Museum of Art on Saturday evening.

This year we are collaborating with the Oceanside Public Library’s Big Read, the NEA, Oceanside Museum of Art, The Old Globe Theatre, and North County Earth Festival to create a very special, one of a kind fine arts event! For the first time in our history, we have a the me for ODA – Art Saving Humanity. The book, “Station Eleven” follows the Traveling Symphony who performs Shakespearean plays and classical music in a post apocalyptic world proving that “Survival is insufficient.” Art is necessary.
Artists are encouraged to create pieces that support the the me -- anything from Elizabethan images and music to post apocalyptic art and Steam Punk. Works are NOT required to follow the the me, but be creative! Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation will give special recognition to relative pieces.In addition to art displays, visitors will enjoy a variety of live entertainment, delicious food and many new events, as well as favorite activities from past years. Please visit ocaf.inf or call (760) 433-3632 for further details.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

I wanted to share with you the video of my play IN A MADE-UP WORLD which was inspired by Ruth's painting Pandora, and performed at your Ensuite program last November. A group I work with in Portland made the video.
Ruth and Theatre Arts West were credited at the end.
I hope you enjoy and share it.
best regards
James Menges

mixed media 48 x 48"

Monday, January 22, 2018

Mark Jesinoski former Oceanside Artist

The Migratory Habits of the Artus Productus Species

We who inhabit the marshes and quagmires of the Art environments, are known to have an impact on the urban environment wherever our wings take us. We love the energies of the great cities, the opportunities to graze and feed upon the images of the past, the museums, the playhouses, the Universities and take aim of the visions of our futures.

We put our products and efforts out there to share with the world of strangers, and who can tell what effect any of our striving will have or not. We hope, we starve, and we sell our souls to the inhabitants of the Art world. The effects economically are well known and our pecking away has the cumulative effect of raising the real estate values everywhere we land. And, that is our constant plight. The marshes with the nutrients of good water and soil, of the attics become lofts for the new comers who pay to live in this new beautiful energy of product we bestow on the Cityscape.

Again we spread our wings and take to the open spaces of the outer-city. We have new opportunities to make our attics and basement studios into the next crucible of creating...And so, here we are, once more in the outskirts, of our beloved City of Oceanside. East'O. The Arts are coming to the old Oceanside we call the Heritage District. How long will we be here? Our nesting instincts are hardwired and we will make our places known far and wide, waiting to see how our new marshes and the fields of gold will take the seeds we plant with colors, dance, performance and song.

My first Studio in Artists Alley was 300. per month. Now it is in the 1800. a month range. At the present there are no Artist studios in Artists Alley...someday ...
I will update any change of residence of artists in Artists Alley keep tuned...