Monday, January 22, 2018

Mark Jesinoski former Oceanside Artist

The Migratory Habits of the Artus Productus Species

We who inhabit the marshes and quagmires of the Art environments, are known to have an impact on the urban environment wherever our wings take us. We love the energies of the great cities, the opportunities to graze and feed upon the images of the past, the museums, the playhouses, the Universities and take aim of the visions of our futures.

We put our products and efforts out there to share with the world of strangers, and who can tell what effect any of our striving will have or not. We hope, we starve, and we sell our souls to the inhabitants of the Art world. The effects economically are well known and our pecking away has the cumulative effect of raising the real estate values everywhere we land. And, that is our constant plight. The marshes with the nutrients of good water and soil, of the attics become lofts for the new comers who pay to live in this new beautiful energy of product we bestow on the Cityscape.

Again we spread our wings and take to the open spaces of the outer-city. We have new opportunities to make our attics and basement studios into the next crucible of creating...And so, here we are, once more in the outskirts, of our beloved City of Oceanside. East'O. The Arts are coming to the old Oceanside we call the Heritage District. How long will we be here? Our nesting instincts are hardwired and we will make our places known far and wide, waiting to see how our new marshes and the fields of gold will take the seeds we plant with colors, dance, performance and song.

My first Studio in Artists Alley was 300. per month. Now it is in the 1800. a month range. At the present there are no Artist studios in Artists Alley...someday ...
I will update any change of residence of artists in Artists Alley keep tuned...