Thursday, July 18, 2019


My work seeks to explore intimate and difficult subjects around which we thrive or die.
Diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer in 2018 I picked up acrylic paint and canvas to hide
away my fear and anger, to cry out with great joy over newness and hope, and to express
abstractly how I was living out this disease. Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that I am a
passionate and emotional man, living with great faith in a world that eludes common sense.

“Cancer made me do it” is the best why for my work, and a miracle from God immersed me in a
world of color, texture and raw emotion that explains how. Each time I stand before a canvas I
am flooded with an awareness of our physical and spiritual journey, and my hands form the
paint and canvas to bring that awareness to the surface so that we can share and converse
over these most wondrous gifts.

Creating what I feel allows you to see my spiritual and emotional journey so that we might share
and come closer together. Painting immerses me in both my time and God’s time, and every
work expresses an abundance of truth about my life that I hope will cast light upon your own.