Monday, December 9, 2013

Traveling out of the Downtown of Oceanside to one of our most cherished historical Churches.
The Arts of the Past... 

Images of the Hands who built.

As I sat in the lovely restored interior of the San Luis Rey Mission for a Requiem Mass listening to the songs of beauty and love, I could see all around me the quiet hands which built this magnificent Mission. The walls of plaster painted with the designs and embellishments of the yesteryear, and the Paintings of ancient heritage were all encompassing.

Can you feel history in your inner core…yes it is possible. The very air seemed to vibrate with these hands of history and the sounds of feet treading along the Central Isle of the Church of hundreds of years resonated within me as an overlay to the music of the Now.

Old Buildings do this to me. I see the inhabitants of the past going about their earthly chores and giving of themselves to the building of the Mission, the Cathedral, or Civic projects of the Times gone by. Touching the oldness of such a place is one of communion with the hands of time. I feel the vibrations of intent and accomplishment of the Hands. It is the same when visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art …the Egyptian sculptures are born again with me, within my heart of knowing.

The San Luis Rey is within my sightline every day I drive down the hill of Rancho del Oro. The gleaming whiteness of the wall, the sublime curves of the colonnade, and most of all the Blue Dome blending into the sky above.  I do no often go inside the Mission Church, but when I do, it is with the anticipation of my intense interaction of sight, of hearing the whispers of time, but most of all, the vibrations of my heart connecting to the Hands of the past and their commitment to a task well done.