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Studio ACE is proud to present the first annual Valley Arts Festival (VAF) in partnership with Oceanside Public Library, Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation, Muramid Art & Cultural Center and California HQ for the UNESCO Center for Peace, and Friends of the Oceanside Public Library, and in cooperation with Mel Vernon, Captain, San Luis Rey Band of Mission Indians.

Valley Arts Festival originally debuted in 2019 as “Mission District Arts Festival”, which was envisioned to be an annual celebration of the vibrant arts & culture in the Oceanside valley. Like so many others, the festival was put on hold in 2020, allowing time for reflection and reinvention. We are pleased to announce the festival is making its official reemergence in 2021 as “Valley Arts Festival”, which will remain an annual celebration of arts and culture, now featuring different themes each year.

To mark its official debut, Valley Arts Festival (VAF) is pleased to present a celebration of Oceanside and its first peoples: the Luiseño Indian tribe, originally known as the Payómkawichum people. The festival aims to help support and celebrate the indigenous population that lived on the land, now known as Oceanside, 10,000 years prior to colonization, and to honor their past, present, and future. The Luiseño people enjoyed a peaceful life in a land rich with a variety of plants and animals, and continue to work for cultural preservation, civil rights, and language revitalization. VAF will help educate the community on the beauty and strength of this amazing culture and assist in their goal for cultural preservation. A portion of proceeds from the festival will be donated to the San Luis Rey Mission Indian Foundation for enrichment programs.

This free festival will feature music, both flute and blues, basket weaving demonstrations, Indian Fry Bread for purchase, educational tables filled with historic cultural items, and a variety of participatory family-friendly activities. These activities will include an interactive community mural sponsored by Muramid, with concept design by Linda Kallas and final execution by renowned Muramid artists (to be confirmed), interactive basket weaving with Diania Caudell, a Luiseño member of the San Luis Rey Band of Mission Indians and Board Member of the California Indian Basket Weavers Association (CIBA), Native American story time and crafts with Oceanside Public Library, native animal sand and rock painting by Studio ACE (with an opportunity for rocks that have been painted and gifted back to the festival to reside in the Peace Garden at Muramid in the future), and more to come!

Sponsorship opportunities are still available, please email Julia Fister for more information.

muramid 2.jpg

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Artists Alley for the Future...

What is a Vibe?

In 1992 the Civic Vibe was one of a profound dichotomy. Our brand new Civic Center with soaring fountains, a Public Library of classical proportions, and the extreme opposite of places of illicit pursuit. So much has changed in the past in the 29 years that it seems we are seeing and feeling we are on a different planet named Oceanside

The alley directly across from the Civic Plaza's delightful spraying fountains was a place of assignations of the night, where homeless huddled in their blankets of despair. This was the place I chose to have my studio in Oceanside. The rent was right, and at lunch I could go across the street for books and breathing in the intoxicating air of Ocean spray mingled with our reflecting pools at the Library.

This effort to be an artist in downtown and the establishment of Artists Alley Oceanside was the beginning of what has become a wonderful destination for the Arts in San Diego North County and beyond. Today we had 141 Visitors to the Artists Alley blog. These visitors are folks from all over the globe and makes our name proud.

Artists Alley Today

One manifestation of our coming of age, was  for The City of Oceanside to be one of 14 Cities in California  to be named a Cultural District. 

The Vibe, the Art Vibe in Oceanside is electric and compelling. It is a happy place especially on the FirstFriday Art Walk centered at the Oceanside Museum of Art and just down the block Artists Alley. The Beat of Drums, is catching and your feet do the happy dance, the Artists in their booths with smiles and images of their works of art make The Alley a perfect place to spend an evening with the Arts in Oceanside CA. What is a Vibe? Come and see for yourself, and bring your happy feet to feel the Vibe which engenders smiles all around...


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 Studio ACE East O'side

Continuing the Story of the Intersection of 

Artists Alley and Downtown for the Arts

and East O'side

The Up-welling of the Arts in East O'Side

This week is the celebration of the New Art Studio space for Studio ACE. This spot in the place next to the Public Library in East Oceanside has had a new vital vibe for the residents in this area, especially for the Children. Julia Fister is the owner, artist and teacher of this place for the imagination to soar, and gives importance for the Arts to those who are looking for the art experiences closer to their home in East O'side.


Studio ACE’s history began in 2016 with coffee and crepes between Julia Fister, current Executive Director, and Karen B. Kahn, former Finance Director and Advisory Board Member. A one-hour breakfast turned into a five-hour brain storming session establishing Studio ACE - a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing arts opportunities for the North County San Diego community, with a mission to enrich lives through Arts, Community, and Education.

Officially opening its doors in 2018, Studio ACE has a history that goes beyond its founding. Julia’s passion for Arts Education stems back to 2010 when she began volunteering at Oceanside Museum of Art and saw what the power of art can do for people of all ages. 

Julia Fister, a St. Louis, Missouri native, graduated from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and from Fontbonne University in St. Louis with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art. After an early career in investment banking and several years as a graphic designer, Julia arrived at Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA) as a volunteer after completing a Master’s Degree in Art History at San Diego State University. Julia was soon hired by OMA to create and direct an Education Program for 5th graders, later titled ArtQuest.

Considering her passion for the Arts and her desire to explore new horizons, she founded Stuio ACE with Karen B. Kahn. The little spot has become a giant in our East Oceanside Neighborhood. It is our East O'Side art place and now it will have a much larger space for the Children of East O'side and their parents to explore the wonderment of the Arts.

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World Population Forecast (2020-2050)

View population projections for all years (up to 2100)

(July 1)
PopulationYearly %
Pop %
Urban Population
20207,794,798,7391.10 %83,000,320312.475256.2 %4,378,993,944
20258,184,437,4600.98 %77,927,744322.545558.3 %4,774,646,303
20308,548,487,4000.87 %72,809,988332.625760.4 %5,167,257,546
20358,887,524,2130.78 %67,807,363342.706062.5 %5,555,833,477
20409,198,847,2400.69 %62,264,605352.776264.6 %5,938,249,026
20459,481,803,2740.61 %56,591,207352.856466.6 %6,312,544,819
20509,735,033,9900.53 %50,646,143362.956568.6 %6,679,756,162


Our planet Earth is changing, and if we don't change our habits, our Earth will not support human life. Yesterday, I watched a documentary by David Attenborough// in which he narrated his life story as a story of change in his lifetime. He is 93, and I, 86, and much of his story is my story on our journey on this planet. I too, remember the mountain streams so pure, you could drink from them. The air was crystal clear and smog was an unknown phenomenon. 

End Game?

Our modern life style revolves around going places and doing things that make our carbon footprint larger than we can sustain with 7.9 billion people. We have about 10 years to change our wants into sustainable ways to save the human race from becoming extent. 

One way is to shop and sell on line. We did this during the height of the Corona 19 virus pandemic. It is easy, and fast. We can shop and upload with our finger tips, and the cars we drive to many of our needs can be eliminated if we change our methods of going places. Especially in our Art World, this method of seeing the incredible offerings in the visual arts are not possible to drive to in faraway galleries. 

Galleries around the world are available to us. Patrons from many lands will see our art, and with the expeditious ways to pay for their treasures and our offerings, we will thrive and be able to seek out and find the Galleries in different cites and countries that will share our Art. 

Please watch this incredible documentary by David Attenborough. It will change your outlook for our personal responsibility to our wondrous, life giving Planet Earth.

Ruth J Jameson

Oceanside CA  August, 2021

Sunday, August 22, 2021

           Enjoy the Sights and Sounds of Summer in Oceanside CA 

                the First Friday Art Walk September 3rd, 2021

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From the Oceanside Museum of Art

"Join us during Oceanside’s First Friday Art Walk for the opening of OMA West At The Seabird. The inaugural exhibition at our new annex gallery located inside The Seabird Resort highlights works from the permanent collection of Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA) that celebrate the natural and built environments found in the open air along the Pacific coast. Exploring the trajectory of Southern California painting from the plein air tradition to contemporary pop-surreal, this exhibition features artwork by Gibson Byrd, William Glen Crooks, Jean de Paul, Jeanne Dunn, Charles Arthur Fries, Raul Guerrero, Ruth Jameson, Vereara Maeva-Taripo, Lee Peterson, Scott W. Prior, Ernest Silva, and Jen Trute."

First Friday Art Walk
Friday, June 4, 5:00–8:00pm
101 Mission Avenue
free admission

Sunday, May 23, 2021

As  Americans joyfully look forward to getting back to normal, I find myself feeling very sad as the rest of the world is not in a normal state at all. India, millions of people literally dying in the streets, South American countries in a state unacceptable health conditions which will lead to northward immigration to our Country.  I call this state of our collective mindset Oblivion. These thoughts have led to a new series of images, The one above is O no. 3  


Noun: the act or process of dying out; complete annihilation or extinction: If we don't preserve their habitat, the entire species will pass into oblivion. A state marked by lack of awareness or consciousness.

For Me, the state of the human species is one of Oblivion. Our Planet Earth is a living entity. Looking at images of our human rampantly overpopulated cities, I see that our human species is like a virus eating away the resources of planet Earth. I am not a scientist, only an old artist who has seen the difference between what was and what is not in our Environment. 

Born in 1935, I as a child was used to self reliance and subsisting on a need basis. We were happy with our lives being able to see the clear blue sky, the water so pure you could drink from any spring or creek, using our bodily energy to walk and bike when we could and a car when only necessary. Reading was the most basic form of entertainment. The Library was our place for brain adventures and it was the only place which was free for everyone to better ourselves in achieving our aspirations. 

Our once pristine world is now a garbage dump from our human wants and as a collective life form, we are in a state of Oblivion. Human rights, needs are conflated with our human wants and this will be the end of our existence as a species...

Can we innovate our way out of our present state of wants driving human consumption of resources ? I'm not too optimistic. If our greatest achievement of the 20th Century was the creation of the Atom Bomb, it does not bode well for something to be invented to change the mindset of 7.9 billion humans that believe we have the right to do whatever we wish when ever we want just because we can. Going to Mars is such a waste of treasure and time when we have the perfect planet right under our feet, but are oblivious to what we should be doing to give our Earth the care and replenishment that is needed for all living species to survive. In reading Kim Stanley Robinson's book 'Aurora', he came to pretty much the same conclusion.

The inventions of medical cures for disease will not save our species as new and more virulent viruses will continue to emerge form the garbage soup we have saturated our planet with and will give the new virus life forms the diet that they need to emerge from, and the only thing we can do is rely on hope when we see our human lives die in the streets from lack of new medicines. The distribution of vaccines to 7.9 billion people in time for saving a life is not attainable. 

In America, we disassociate ourselves from the 3rd world countries and continue our lives in a daily wants state of being. Meanwhile, the elements in the organic soup of our garbage will continue to thrive and beget new and uncontrollable disease and destruction of our Planets life forms ( forests, fishes, insects) which we need to survive into the Future. Thus, we, here, in America are in a complete state of Oblivion.

the song Oblivion is the muse for new images in my world of art.


Monday, April 19, 2021


Music, Art and Great Tasty Eats...

Springtime is upon  us with promises of renewal. Now that I have had my first vaccination of the Covid 19 virus, I feel more in tune with nature and the arrival of new opportunities to be my artist self and congregate with my peers in the many venues of art endeavors in Oceanside.  Many venues exist in Downtown Oceanside and in East Oceanside. Art Walls O'Side born at the O'Side Bakery, is my next stop. Please join us in our celebration of the Arts and the Springtime vibrations on the 20th at the O'Side Bakery in East Oceanside.     


Sunday, March 28, 2021


Please join us in East Oceanside for this new



                Directions for the O'side Bakery 

Wednesday, March 24, 2021


OMA is our joy, our passion, and our soul for the creatives who live, plan, and work here in this wondrous place of Art. It is with great hope and joy that we look forward to this new year of opportunity to reconnect with our artist friends and colleagues...

With the art world on hiatus for the past year, we have had the chance to work in our most prized place, The Studio. With our isolation, no interruptions, no time frames, just days and days of time for us to be in our scared place of creativity. Now with the reopening of the many art organizations, we can share once again with our friends and colleagues to make new connections and intertwine our collective creeds about what we know, how we create, and explore new horizons...

OMA Here we Come !

     See current exhibitions 

Ruth Jameson

March 24, 2021

Thursday, January 21, 2021


Today is the first day of a new Administration of our Nation. We have hope that the tried and true way of communication of truth to our People will give us a way to come together once more and be proud of our National ethos...

Last week the tried way of creating my art works are evolving to the digital more than ever. With my hands of 85 years becoming shaky and having a life of their own, the Wacom Pad and stylus give me back my control of the images in my minds eye to come to realization. The Canvas and the gleaming Oils, will always be my hearts desire, but time marches on and the hands need the comfort of the digital help. Of course, the creative process is the same. Computers don't make the image, but rather give me the ability to bring the images to life.

In this new day of beginnings, for our Country and the Artists who give us inspiration and hope, I will use whatever way I can to bring the new and the hope to fruition. May our American People do the same to give us all the inspiration and hope for a new future with grace and dignity...     

Friday, December 11, 2020


Friday, November 27, 2020

                                                 Painting by artist unknown augmented by RJJ.

The Year 2020 and ZOOM

What has this year given to the Arts? Theaters are closed as are the Museums, Galleries, and Outdoor venues such as our Internationally Famous Artists Alley. This year has made it more intensive, and innovative in our approach to create, and participate in the Arts. The Challenge has been for me as an artist to wonder if it is all for naught. For the isolation from my usual gatherings and art groups has been daunting and depressing. 

Alone in the Studio, I work on, realizing that I'm one of the lucky ones that really has my own thing which no Pandemic can take from me. The time is spent, and I have a product, one which does not need a store, or venue to make it happen. Therefore, why the depression? Throughout history, the creative in the arts has had a need however intermittent, to interact with other creatives. The deprivation of this essential interaction, is one that cannot be underestimated. Enter a new and wondrous technological tool.

Zoom to the rescue. A “Prince on a white horse”, a new way to interact and have personal contact with the many groups and venues and is a the path for artists to connect. The personal connection of face to face with another artist is there again, albeit, a much different way. Still, it is magical, real, and instant communication with another being that you can devour the day's need, and of future offerings that you have in common. Intense is this need for  communication with our peers, and with this new Zoom Prince, we are once more connected to our art world and beyond.

The Oceanside Museum of Art has had many events this past year that have been presented on line. While other venues are still shut, the Museum has carried on with dazzling programs and online openings of exhibitions. Please visit OMA and take in all of the current offerings, and revisit online the  many past exhibitions.

As this Year 2020 comes to a close, I have come to the realization that this year has given to me personally, resilience, self reliance, and overcoming the challenge of isolation. However the most gratifying gift of all is one, of taking into my world of art, a new and universal way to communicate with my art groups, colleagues, art institutions, and the essential peer interaction. So now on with it...Zoom forever...

Saturday, October 24, 2020

City of Dreams of Tomorrow and beyond.. 

Today, I post a video which sings of why I love Oceanside. The young energy vibe is what keeps all going forward and to thrive...

Saturday, October 17, 2020


Robert Parker is one of the most beloved artist in the Arts in Oceanside and beyond. His music is both haunting and full of life's forces in all genres. This song  is for his Love who passed this month. She is remembered by all who remembers her smile...

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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Photo by RJJ, with art works created by other artists are added for visions of the future.
The Covid -19 virus has altered our lives probably forever. All of the artists activities have been suspended for the time being. Hopefully, we will in the near future be able to have the First Friday Art Walks resumed, the Museum open, and the markets featuring the many articles and artist demonstrations that have made our Artists Alley world famous.

As an artist I find that it is confounding that there are not the interactions between our art groups that make us feel challenged, inspired, and give us opportunities to show our works. We work on in our studios, and the great outdoors which give us the energies that flow from the natural world of wonderments. The images that folks have of the artist in the upstairs garret as a lone creative force don't know that the interactions with other artists are the infusions of encouragement that keep the lone artist in the studio going with works of creativity.

I look forward the reopening of The Artists Alley Collective and the many other groups who inhabit this place which I could see great art events thriving, so long ago when I had the first gallery and studio in The Alley. I paint on, with the birdsong and the summer sunshine giving me succor and inspirations during this challenging time of this great American Challenge of sharing the responsibility and the courage to keep us safe.

patio studio, work in progress...RJJ 


Saturday, July 18, 2020

Blue Horses with Aquifer  

The Environment is Still the number one problem to overcome. The Covid 19 will be eventually be dealt with, but our Planet is our Home for Future Centuries to Come... 

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Michael Rosenblatt
Mural installed at the Marriott Hotel Oceanside CA

Michael Rosenblatt was one of the original Artists of Artist Alley back in the 90”s. He was the energy of many late nights in the Alley, and he is now a celebrated Artist of many collectors and City installations.

His video on NBC news:

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Walking for the Arts of our Imaginations...

Due to the covid 19 disaster, I have not had art events to report about. I value all of your visits to this site about the Arts in the City of Oceanside CA. I have as many been walking my immediate neighborhood, and met many wonderful folks and their furry four pawed friends. As the weeks go by, I am meeting folks I did not know that they even lived here. This shows, that as we have in the past, not going out on a daily biases to exercise in a way that is free and has a positive impact on our neighborhood.

I have started a Neighborhood blog which is centered on Rancho Hermosa Oceanside. It is a retirement community of 55 and over. I'm among the most senior of age groups and it is wonderful to meet my younger new friends and their pups.

Please follow this effort, and if you have neighborhood stories to tell please feel free to put them in the comment section. Thank You,

Ruth Jameson 

Saturday, February 8, 2020

O'side Bakery Art Walls program. Hanna Russell and Ruth Jameson with painting by Hanna.

Art Walls for Students @ O'side Bakery

When I created the Art Walls program for the Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation in 2018, I had the vision that someday this program would be available for students of our Oceanside High Schools.

That dream came true last month when the ACE Studio and OCAF had a student exhibition from the El Camino High School. It was my great honor to meet and to become the owner of one of the paintings from this exhibition.

Hanna Russell, a truly remarkable young woman of great potential has created several Stippling Paintings for this show. It takes an incredible amount of time, talent, and passion to create this type of art work. Stippling has a long historical place in the world of fine art. It is like not other kind of painting as it is done with a pen and ink which it's self a challenge that is not for the faint of heart, but for those who has the passion of the vision in their mind's eye and the patience to just do it.

Example of Stippling 

Hanna has that Heart in her works. Thank You Hanna for your energy and ability to bring to our viewing your works so endearing and beautiful.    

Sunday, October 13, 2019


 It is eclectic. My first love is abstract and impressionistic art, but I do representational art as well. I am especially moved by the local nature of California’s coast: the ocean with all of its changing light, majesty and beauty, coastal and tropical botanicals and palm silhouettes of all kinds.

It is about imagination and experimentation. Intentional camera movement technique (ICM) while shooting creates light paintings that are captured as I move the camera while taking the shot. Abstracts have also been shot inside of a mylar shopping bag or created from reflections in a puddle after the rain. A curling piece of bark becomes an ocean wave calling local surfers.  Agave Cacti become seascapes when turned on their sides.

It has a contemporary look.
I print my images on various substrates: on acrylic sheets; on large canvases finished with epoxy, or brushed aluminum gallery wraps.  All are very contemporary looks. On the metal wraps, the brushed aluminum shows through giving the images a depth and a metallic shimmer that I love. The canvas with epoxy is a gorgeous finish!   

I was born and raised in the spectacular natural beauty of Alaska. Nature and the environment still inform the work that I do as an artist today. I left as a young adult hungry for exposure to urban environments and the arts and culture they have to offer that I missed as a child. Currently, I live and create in Carlsbad, California near the Pacific Ocean. I am largely a self-taught artist and creative. When I retired from the workaday world in 2015, I experimented with a variety of media and eventually settled on digital photography and mixed media as my primary modes of expression. Using everyday experiences as a starting point, I directly respond to the present circumstance and moment, not knowing exactly what my camera lens will capture. It is with the alchemy of imagination, experimentation,  and editing that the visual gift emerges.