Friday, August 9, 2013

A World of Beauty…Seaside Flowers

You enter into this beautiful small world created by Sherry Shelton and marvel at the wonderful change in the Promenade of Artists Alley. Here in Oceanside where the unexpected has become the now expected we find a Shop which is graced by the fragrance and enchantment of the Flora.

I remember when this Studio Space had another Artist from another Time. The years have given this Venue for the Arts a patina of use, it has had a struggle to find the fulfillment of our Dream for Artist Alley. Sherry has changed much of this aura for the Energy of Flower Power is visceral.

Looking down the Alley now you will see the welcoming yellow Sunflowers with their funny faces smiling at you and beckoning your presence to be part of a stroll to find new adventures in Artists Alley.

The Sunflowers will have a permanent presence here for the South Entrance is graced with an image of Vincent Van Gogh and his enigmatic smile of his Art World…

Sherry is a Colorado Girl. She is adventurous, courageous, engaging and most of all full of creative energy. She has been in the Floral Trade here in Oceanside for 20 years and is a confirmed supporter for all of the Arts here in Oceanside.

“The greatest joy I have is helping my customers create a custom made arrangement that will carry their message, as they are telling me about the situation and/or their loved one. They share with me their lives, and the flowers express their feelings”

As I gaze around the blue flowered interior of Sherry’s Studio I remember the yesteryear of when our Artists Alley was in full bloom. With Seaside Flowers, we now have “The Bloom” and are on our Way to find the luster which just awaits quiet now, inside the Studios along the Artists Alley of Oceanside CA.