Monday, November 25, 2013

The Nutcracker Appears This Weekend!
This production is by “The Performing Arts Workshop” in Encinitas CA

Mother Ginger (Chris goldsmith) and Bon Bons, taken by Chad Sorlie

The Season of Fantasy and Wonderment comes forth with the production of the Ballet “The Nutcracker”.

The Star Theatre in Oceanside proudly presents for Children of all ages to become a time traveler with “Clara” in this favorite Holiday production.

Guest Artist Peter Kurta daning our Snow King
 and Cavalier this year, taken by VAM Productions

Who has not been enthralled with the “growing” Christmas Tree? We all have cheered for the Nutcracker Prince when battling with the Mouse King…

Evie Roemer and other Bon Bons, taken by Carolyn Swayze

 Jessie Fendler as Marzipan, taken by Ken Fendler

Come and support the Dancers of our region who make our Holidays special and timeless. We are All the Dancers in our minds memories…

In Oceanside, we are so very fortunate to have real performing Theatre. This year at the “Star” Theatre, there will be two Dance Troops performing The Nutcracker Ballet. The pictures below are from the “To the Point” Group . Photographs by Jakrel Photography.

"The Magic of the Nutcracker"
Our Dreams are filled with memories of Christmas past and those memories seem more real as the Years go by.

 Did we Imagine our selves watching Clara's Tree grow bigger and bigger, or were we really there? 

Did we hiss at the Mouse King and when he looked at us did we cringe or was it just a dream? 

This then is the Magic of the Nutcracker Ballet. When danced by Children and Young Folks it seems so much more real, for They do "Believe", and they do "Live" this wonderful incredibly beautiful Story in Dance.

As the Nutcracker Prince takes Clara on her journey through the worlds of exotic dancers and strange lands, we travel with her and live in the moment of our own Childhood again...

The Best part of this experience is that we can travel with Clara into this story of enchantment every year and take own Children into this magical place if only just for one precious evening...