Friday, December 13, 2013

Lewis ~  Taking awesome Care of the OMA Gallery....

  an Installation by
Armando de la Torre

As our Holiday Season rushes to its finale, we have the privilege to visit an enchanted place from the Heart of Armando de la Torre.

This is a place we will all recognize in our hearts of  remembering our sweet experiences of Childhood and Parenthood of our younger days. It will bring to us the once a year experiences of the “woods” when we found the perfect tree in the forest. The warm feelings of the hearth and of home resonate with the songs of remembrance of Years gone by. The togetherness of Family and loved ones create the Magic of the Season.

The Gift of Family, Our Place on this planet Earth, and the unending Universe of Being is what our Holiday Season is all about. This is the space you will enter into at OMA’s satellite venue in the Westfield Mall and given to us by an Artist of great accomplishment, Armando de la Torre.