Saturday, December 6, 2014


"Rio de Janerio"
Mixed Media
Tessa White Grade 12

Once in a While…an image sticks in my memory bank long after viewed in person. Such is an image from last night’s First Friday Art Walk in Downtown Oceanside.  From our Children’s imagination comes some works which rival that in many galleries. It is my privilege to post this image of a young Artist from Oceanside High School. More images to follow…  

Friday, December 5, 2014

Water Colorist Chuck McPherson

Come let me entertain you at the Oceanside Art WalkFirst Friday, December 5th. I will be starting a FRESH tape painting of a VERY exciting San Diego landmark. I will be painting LIVE out on the Oceanside Museum of Art patio from 6 to 9pm. You may even get to sling a little color like my buddy Richard Stergulz did last time!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Come out this Friday to downtown Oceanside and experience the work of dozens of artists hosted by 15 venues at the next First Friday: Oceanside Art Walk. Artists will be on hand in Artist Alley, the Oceanside Museum of Art, the Public Library, and shops and businesses on Coast Highway, Mission Ave and Pier View Way. Take a look at the map, and get details at Runs from 6 pm through 9 pm on Friday Dec 5. Free.

Images from the November Art Walk in the Arts and Theatre District of Downtown Oceanside.

Quintessential Barbershop with Art Elements 
Located in Artist Alley Oceanside CA

Painting at the Oceanside Museum of Art

World famous Photographer Miles Mc Guinnes

Friday, November 7, 2014

Walk the Venues for the many artists who will be participating tonight at the First Friday Art Walk Oceanside CA from 5: PM to 9: PM.. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Wednesday Night at OMA

It was with great pleasure that I attended a new and engaging presentation on the PTSD problem which our Veterans returning from a war have to contend with and hope to overcome to regain “normal” functioning lives in the non war environment of “Home”.

I have for the past five years gazed upon the “Green Hills” of Pendleton and wondered how these so young and impressionable men and women cope with the possibility and the actual being sent into a War environment and not coming “home” with entirely changed personality perceptions of being normal.

For what is normal for them, when a few short hours ago it was ok to kill someone, and now it is not. A few short hours ago your life was on the line and your buddies, and now your family is safe. A few short hours ago, noise was a warning of emanate hurt or death, and now it is only the TV.

Mark Jesinoski presented his lecture on “The Rebirth Initiative” using the creative experiential practices to build empathy for how trauma affects us all., Mark uses art as a medium for connecting, healing, and change with our local veterans the communities they call home”..     

The Museum has reached a new level for communicating with our Communities and the issues which are inherent with a population of Veterans and service personnel. The Art works by Mark illustrated the way some of these issues can be resolved and understood by the person who has the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This syndrome is not exclusive to the military. It can affect children, teens, wives, and seniors. The continued unresolved issues of suffering traumatic conditions will lead to the mental breakdown of the mind.

Thank you Mark for your being a part of the resolution of these issues, and we will continue to support your ongoing efforts to engage in a communal partnership of hope.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

October 3rd
6 ~ 9 PM

Seaside Flower Shop and Gallery


We Welcome You One and All to take part in this new ongoing event in our City's Center. We have all of the art forms in action. Painters painting, bands playing, dancer's dancing and plenty of places to explore in our now burgeoning Arts District.

Check out the video at the top of the column on the right with the picture of our Guiding Lights to lead the way...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I begin once more to post on this site. The interruption has been due to the passing of my Life Mate, My Husband of 57 years. While my world has changed, My Art World has not, thus, I will endeavor to keep our Regional, National and International audience up to date on the changing world of Arts, here in Oceanside and in the North County of San Diego CA.   RJ

The Oceanside Art Walk

The Beautiful City of Oceanside CA has a new and exciting place in the Art World of Public participation. This is the monthly Art Walk in Downtown Oceanside. In the past two months this event has given the local residents and our visitors Nationally and Internationally many venues to explore our North County’s talented artists and the works which makes them unique.

These events are the brain child of our esteemed executive Director of the Oceanside Museum of Art, Daniel Foster. Mr. Foster has given our entire City the inspiration for change in the Arts, which he knew it was capable of accomplishing. His leadership has shaped our Downtown in ways heretofore unknown in Oceanside. A Visionary for the possible is his inner guide, and his presence in Oceanside is a gift to us all.
Daniel Foster
Executive Director of Art
Oceanside Museum of Art

1.    After a break in August, the Oceanside Cultural Consortium will begin a NEW bi-monthly schedule of meetings – with the next General Consortium Meeting on Thursday, Sept. 18, 2014 from 12 noon – 1:30 pm at the Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA).  

2.    First Friday: Oceanside Art Walk:  Congratulations to the fabulous Art Walk Committee (Brigid Parsons, Dinah Poellnitz, Margaret Hernandez, Sandra Nilson, Gumaro Escarcega, Cyndi Melfi, and a few other key volunteers) for a BEYOND everyone’s expectations launch of the Aug. 1 First Friday: Oceanside Art Walk event!!!   According to City Councilman, Jerry Kern, he estimated 3,000 – 4,000 in attendance and many long-standing Oceanside residents commented that they had not seen downtown Oceanside as active in decades!  Again on Sept. 5, we experienced another successful Art Walk event that continued our momentum, visibility, and community-building efforts!   For more details, check out our website:

3.    Volunteers Needed:   The great efforts of a few produced an amazing new ongoing event for our Oceanside arts community...we now need everyone’s support to sustain this effort!   Please step up and offer to volunteer for the next Art Walk events coming up (next one is Oct. 3).   If you have any questions or concerns, please  contact 760-435-3725 at your convenience.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Explore the Possibilities

This Friday the First of August, there is a new and wondrous event which will awaken the soul of the Art Adventurer. We all, artists and patrons alike want to see the new, the bold and the “bad” of the Art World which is emerging here in the Beautiful Seaside City of Oceanside CA.

Our City on the Hill is shining with the new improvements of Mission Ave and the emergence once again of Artists Alley. Artists Alley has gone through several metamorphoses and now seems to be again a place to find a transformative kind of energy and Art. Our young generation of artists/entrepreneurs are making the spaces vibrate with the finding of new emerging artists and their work in todays' digital age. The Digital Age consumes all of the oxygen in our world of the visual and it is with gratitude that the tried and true genres of the classical are making a statement here in Oceanside.

The Photography of the classical camera still works its magic, the oils of the masters still shine with the love of applied brush work, and the handmade works of the artisans still provide us with the wonder of “hand work”.

The Oceanside Museum of Art will show the incredible hand artistry of quilt making. The Main Street Oceanside venue will have the impressionistic paintings of our natural world, and Artists Alley will have galleries vibrating with the sounds of soul and enchanting us with work of Myles McGuinness, a world sojourner of photography  who takes us to the faraway worlds of surfing but gives us the wonder of seeing the classic expertise of the camera here in Artists Alley. Our love affair with the excitement of the "finding" of Art in the City of Oceanside CA has begun with the First Friday events. Come and join us for an evening of “walking, seeing, hearing”, the many voices of our City celebrating the Arts and the Discovery of Artists Alley and beyond…    


Friday, July 25, 2014

Come and Discover a new exciting event in Downtown Oceanside!!!
artwalk video

Monday, June 30, 2014

First Friday Art Walk Oceanside CA
August 1, 2014

Oceanside is the home to military, surf, skate and NOW A THRIVING ART DISTRICT. Join us as we promote our
vibrant art community showcasing live performances, music, poetry, art education, culinary and popup
art galleries
embedded in local businesses and public spaces.
Who: Over 1,000 regional residents are expected to attend the First Friday: Oceanside Art Walk,
put on by dozens of businesses and showcasing dozens of local artists
What: Downtown Oceanside is coming alive with vibrant arts, performances, music, poetry,
activities, food, and fun for all ages, all free
When: First Friday of August August
1 from 69
pm and
every month after that
Where: Businesses and vacant spaces throughout downtown Oceanside, and
extending down the coast
Why: The Oceanside Cultural Consortium (OCC) was established in 2013 with the goal of
establishing Oceanside and surrounding communities as an important arts, culture,
entertainment and tourism hub/destination. Its members include nearly 50 different
Oceanside arts, community, business, and civic organizations.
How Much: Free to attend!
Event maps will be distributed every month, listing that month’s locations, art happenings and sponsors, also on
● California Surf Museum
● Hill Street Country Club
● LinkSoul
● Main Street Oceanside
● Oceanside Library & Civic Plaza
● Oceanside Museum of Art
● Petite Madeline
● Sole Lab
● Star Theatre
● Sunshine Brooks Theatre
● Ty’s Burger House
● and more to be announced!
Artists/Performers/Musicians/Poets Artistic
talent will be matched with a venue for a partnership that can
range from one night to an entire monthlong
exhibition. Visual, installation, performance and video artists
should contact Margaret Hernandez at with up to 5 images of their work.
Venues/Spaces We
need businesses or vacant spaces in the downtown Oceanside/Coast Hwy area that
can accommodate presenting art or performances. Contact Dinah Poellnitz at if
you are interested in hosting an artist.
Sponsors & Supporters First
Friday: Oceanside Art Walk is a great opportunity for visibility for many
businesses and organizations in the community, to support this most important new event aimed at
transforming downtown Oceanside into a thriving arts, culture, and entertainment destination for the region.
Contact Cyndi Melfi at for sponsorship opportunities.
For more information, please visit or email

Friday, June 27, 2014

Call for Artists

Dinah Poellnitz (left) and Margaret Hernandez

The Hill Street Country Club (HSCC), a 501c3 non-profit is calling for ALL artists in the North County area (visual artists, video artists, installation artists, designers, etc.) to populate the gallery for a group exhibition entitled, “The Coastal Collective.”

The Coastal Collective exhibition (Augusts 1-22, 2014) intends to assemble as many as 20 artists into the HSCC gallery (located on 212D Artists Alley) to continuously develop an artist network program. The exhibition will also serve as a summer fundraiser for HSCC as we plan for next year’s upcoming events. To do so, HSCC plans to rent wall space for a donation ranging from ($20 to $100).  Donations will help HSCC continue its mission to cultivate an art community and foster emerging artists in the area.

Perfect timing…
The City of Oceanside plans to launch its inaugural First Friday Art Walk on August 1, 2014. HSCC’s Coastal Collective opening reception will also coincide with Oceanside’s First Friday Art Walk along with 30 other local businesses and venues throughout the City of Oceanside.

To participate in our Coastal Collective exhibit, please send inquiries and submittals to Submissions must be received by July 25, 2014.

Monday, June 16, 2014

North County Sculptors

Last Week the North County Sculptors met at the Studio of Marta Hotell, Vickie Shepard, and Steve Erickson in San Marcos. The Studio Space is amazing and we were overwhelmed by the many sculpture fabricating machines which Steve told us about. 

Julia Rasor

This is the great ingredient for us as sculptors who employ such a wide array of media which we use in the construction of our Work.

"Cup Cake for Mom"
Marilyn Rudoff

Learning about our methods, the materials each of us use, and the advantages and limitations of the different media are some of what charges our meetings with energy, emotion and much laughter. Such a great time together with like minded colleagues give us much to reflect on and inspire us in the days which follow.
Sculpture by Marta Hotell

NCS meets every other month in the late afternoon…5:00 PM for about 2 ½ to 3 hours. We come from the many different areas of North County as well as some from the San Diego area. We have been meeting since last September and it seems like the time goes too fast.

"Mom in Heaven"
Mark Jurecki

Wood Sculpture
Scott Bruckner
We always bring something to share with our fellow artists. Not necessarily for critique but if the artist wishes to have some suggestions, he/she usually introduces the work for this kind of constructive input.

My sculpture producing years seemed far behind me but the Group has given this long time maker of art some new energy and purpose.

If you are interested in this group contact Scott Bruckner:

The Studio

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tango at the Beach 

Oceanside Pier May 30th,  2014
Night of the Tango...


It is said that Our Heartbeat, our most intimate life rhythm which is the one connected to our Human Psyche, is the most hypnotic when connected to a beat which seduces us. The rhythm of the Sea breaking on the shore, the beat of our child’s heart which is the creation of our loves, the throbbing of drums of the dance. So it is the Rhythm of Tango which has come to our shores of our Beautiful City of Oceanside CA.

My heart was filled last night with joy, seeing the people walking, playing, and Dancing here in the gathering soft night of Spring coming to our shores. The Tango has come, and brings a new vibe to our Ocean waves. It was a night which comes once in a while, no wind, there was no chill in the air, and everywhere you gazed, there was a happiness which overcame me with an emotion new and welcome, gladness. These are the rhythms which our souls respond to and amplify to fill our hearts with a gladness to be alive, here in Oceanside. I have come to this place many times and feel of these new vibrations extending from the children, and most of all the soft Ocean waves coming ashore bringing the Sea ever closer to my final place. For Someday, I will surely join the Dolphins playing with the currents of the Earth.  

The Tango has always seduced my inner being. The throbbing beat which is the same 60 second beat of our Hearts, with the underlying syncopated accented short accent, is completely intertwined with the emotional and the sensual nature of our Humanness. This in concert with the movement starting and not starting of closeness and separateness, of touching and not touching is irresistible in its intensity. Who cannot feel this in their “baja house”* and not succumb to the drinking of this thing we call Tango. More than a dance, it is the very exemplification of our desires, our physicality, and our longing to be "in the moment of the Rhythm".
Solar plexus …  

Tango on the Beach

Thursday, May 29, 2014

 Mural of B.B.Bastidas

The Words of Chief Seattle finish  the Mural of B.B.  Bastidas.

Once in a while, an Artist comes along who brings us a message from
Their Indian Ancestors.  Although I am not of this linage, my spiritual ancestors speak to me through Chief Seattle. We are all of us Children of this Earth, and so will thrive or perish for what we do to our Mother Earth.

Thank you B B, for introducing me to Chief Seattle, and thank you for your Art for our City of Oceanside CA. I read his speech first then listened to the video. They are different, and each touched me from my “Truth Center” the Baja House.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dream Horses

Galloping Horses in the Sky bring us into the World of B.B. Bastidas. His inner world of imagination is filled with skies of all seeing eyes, pyramidal triangles, and figures that move with swirling dots of color. His murals vibrate with effervescence, emotion and saturated color. Unique, his voice is imprinted on walls the world over. We are indeed fortunate to have introduced into our City of Oceanside one of his Murals on the wall of a building, 206 Wisconsin Ave.

A World Traveler and Muralist, his murals are instantly recognizable as B B Bastidas for the style is his own and the Vision of his work resonates with the Young and Old. His Murals on walls in Europe give B.B a world view that most us will never attain. His art travels are at his own discretion and he is unencumbered by the need for the “stuff” of my generation.  My fascination with his work is one of a commonality for the love of the Horse. 
Detail of Mural on Wisconsin

Perhaps my favorite image of his work is a water color painting of an Indian Chief. This painting shows how effortlessly the flow of paint makes an image which breathes it’s own life’s message, one of the past infused with the present.

It was indeed my pleasure to meet one of Oceanside’s emerging Artists whose work will continue to be created before our very eyes here and abroad. Thank you B. B for sharing your world with me yesterday.

More of his work can be seen on his Facebook Page


Monday, May 5, 2014

Artist Josh Marlar

The Force of Digital
May it be with You!

It is scary, this new force in the world of Art. I have seen this perplexing reaction from my art friends who are traditional artists in the world of media which we consider the classic form of Art.  Who would want to do anything else in creating art for the new age of collectors? Remember when Andy Warhol did multiple prints in different colors of the same subject? The dots of Roy Lichtenstein, the introduction of the acrylic paints taking the place of Oils?

When the Oceanside Museum of Art presented the Art of Neville Page one of the patrons of the Museum had trouble considering this exhibition true Art. Never the less, this exhibition set record attendance for the Museum. Does this validate the new digital other worldly as Art? Apparently to the younger generation this is so.

History is replete with changes in the world of the Arts. It has to reflect the time in which it is made either to glorify an idea, or to shine the sun on the times it portrays. We live in the age of “screen”. It has come to many of us uninvited, and in our faces forcing our minds into images never seen in real life, and is made up from the imagination of artists much younger than I.

I have embraced the digital in my later years as a way to cope with the unsteady hands. It really does help, and keeps my art self out there in the ether with the new generation and we share the wonders of the “what ifs” in a way which wan never before possible.

This all brings me to the newest exhibition of Josh Marlar at the Hill Street Country Club Gallery in Artists Alley. Josh an adventurer in the world imagination, brings his creations to the Oceanside venue of Artists Alley.

It is wondrous for me to see the young energy which is transforming our Beautiful City by the Sea, Oceanside. So Welcome Josh, and may your exhibition bring you a much deserved success in the education of our Community to the Digital World of Art.
The Hill Street Country Club Gallery,
the Art of Josh Marlar

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I5 Traveling North with Oceanside Blvd the next Off Ramp


As your drive along our City’s freeway entrances, we have Grey Grey Grey Walls. Some are cracked some are defaced with discrete graffiti, and the sense of our City’s image is grey.

In Solana Beach there has been a miraculous change in the Freeway interchange. The mosaic murals are beautiful and give a sense of the City’s image which is one of art and culture.

This was accomplished by the widening of the I5 Freeway project completely funded by Caltrans. The url included here will give the history and the funding of this project.
view the slide show to note the progress of the installation.

Can We have this kind of new freeway vision here in Oceanside? I believe we can. It will be up to our Community to voice their input for this new image of our Beautiful “Oceanside Country” and “Our Surf Country” to excite the populations driving down the I5 of who and what we are. Not Grey, But Bold and Beautiful Blue Ocean Beaches, a Fun Harbor, and a Downtown which is evolving into the possibilities of our full potential of a Resort destination.     

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Renaissance and the Round Table…

Is there or was there ever such a thing as the “Round Table” of yesteryear lore?
I believe there was if only in our imagination of the human need for Community and togetherness for the good to reign.

So the noble ideals of the Arthurian court have journeyed down through the ages with images of artists, authors, and film. We love the mystic  of the good over evil story, and reinvent it over and over.

In an metaphorical way, we have that very story happening here in Oceanside California. The Good being people coming together to make a better future for our Community, and not so good being the image of what used to be, the utter denigration of a beautiful City from gangs, drugs, prostitution, and just turning a blind eye.

The Oceanside Museum of Art has changed the face of our City, and the force for this historical change is OMA’s Director Daniel Foster who has given a new format of the Arthurian Court possibilities to our Communities of Oceanside.

So began the Consortium of Cultural exchange of our Community leaders. Stepping up to have a concerted effort to enhance and grow our City’s economic future. The force to drive this change, being the enchantment, the enrichment, and the sharing of the Arts Community.

Story tellers, artists of the paints, film makers all will be participating in the "First Friday" Art Walk beginning in August of this year. The Consortium will meet this Friday, and if you wish to be a part of this Court of the Good, come to the Museum and listen, participate, and be engaged in the Arts as never before. Here in Oceanside, we are the Knights of the Consortium for the Good!    

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Community Mural Contest
The Oceanside Public Library invites photographers of all ages to participate in the Growing the Oceanside Community photography contest. Inspired by the recent remodel and of the Mission Branch Library, community members are invited to show their interpretation of Growing a Community.

The Mission Branch Library décor is not yet complete, the final piece will be a mural created by, and for, the Oceanside community. The photo contest will determine the image for a new mural in the children's area. The final product will be a large mixed-media mosaic image, generated from the selected winning photograph, divided into small squares - equal parts original photograph, drawing and painting.

The contest is free to enter and open to all ages, and you do not need to be a resident of Oceanside to participate. The winning photo should be a striking image that illustrates the theme of Growing a Community, get creative! Photograph a tree, people holding hands, a block party - anything that you think demonstrates the theme, literally or figuratively. The final product will be a permanent display at the Mission Branch Library. Submissions must be received by July 1st, 2014 in order to be considered.

This free contest is sponsored by the Friends of the Oceanside Public Library. For more information, please visit the library's website at, call (760) 435-5625 or visit the Library's Facebook page.