Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I5 Traveling North with Oceanside Blvd the next Off Ramp


As your drive along our City’s freeway entrances, we have Grey Grey Grey Walls. Some are cracked some are defaced with discrete graffiti, and the sense of our City’s image is grey.

In Solana Beach there has been a miraculous change in the Freeway interchange. The mosaic murals are beautiful and give a sense of the City’s image which is one of art and culture.

This was accomplished by the widening of the I5 Freeway project completely funded by Caltrans. The url included here will give the history and the funding of this project.
view the slide show to note the progress of the installation.

Can We have this kind of new freeway vision here in Oceanside? I believe we can. It will be up to our Community to voice their input for this new image of our Beautiful “Oceanside Country” and “Our Surf Country” to excite the populations driving down the I5 of who and what we are. Not Grey, But Bold and Beautiful Blue Ocean Beaches, a Fun Harbor, and a Downtown which is evolving into the possibilities of our full potential of a Resort destination.     

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Renaissance and the Round Table…

Is there or was there ever such a thing as the “Round Table” of yesteryear lore?
I believe there was if only in our imagination of the human need for Community and togetherness for the good to reign.

So the noble ideals of the Arthurian court have journeyed down through the ages with images of artists, authors, and film. We love the mystic  of the good over evil story, and reinvent it over and over.

In an metaphorical way, we have that very story happening here in Oceanside California. The Good being people coming together to make a better future for our Community, and not so good being the image of what used to be, the utter denigration of a beautiful City from gangs, drugs, prostitution, and just turning a blind eye.

The Oceanside Museum of Art has changed the face of our City, and the force for this historical change is OMA’s Director Daniel Foster who has given a new format of the Arthurian Court possibilities to our Communities of Oceanside.

So began the Consortium of Cultural exchange of our Community leaders. Stepping up to have a concerted effort to enhance and grow our City’s economic future. The force to drive this change, being the enchantment, the enrichment, and the sharing of the Arts Community.

Story tellers, artists of the paints, film makers all will be participating in the "First Friday" Art Walk beginning in August of this year. The Consortium will meet this Friday, and if you wish to be a part of this Court of the Good, come to the Museum and listen, participate, and be engaged in the Arts as never before. Here in Oceanside, we are the Knights of the Consortium for the Good!    

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Community Mural Contest
The Oceanside Public Library invites photographers of all ages to participate in the Growing the Oceanside Community photography contest. Inspired by the recent remodel and of the Mission Branch Library, community members are invited to show their interpretation of Growing a Community.

The Mission Branch Library décor is not yet complete, the final piece will be a mural created by, and for, the Oceanside community. The photo contest will determine the image for a new mural in the children's area. The final product will be a large mixed-media mosaic image, generated from the selected winning photograph, divided into small squares - equal parts original photograph, drawing and painting.

The contest is free to enter and open to all ages, and you do not need to be a resident of Oceanside to participate. The winning photo should be a striking image that illustrates the theme of Growing a Community, get creative! Photograph a tree, people holding hands, a block party - anything that you think demonstrates the theme, literally or figuratively. The final product will be a permanent display at the Mission Branch Library. Submissions must be received by July 1st, 2014 in order to be considered.

This free contest is sponsored by the Friends of the Oceanside Public Library. For more information, please visit the library's website at www.oceansidepubliclibrary.org, call (760) 435-5625 or visit the Library's Facebook page.

Monday, April 7, 2014


Imagine how you would integrate the existing footprint of the Amphitheater using  the new technologies and materials to make our unique stage for performing arts a WOW! for the coming generations. We are unique on the Coast for no other City on the Coast has a setting such as this! We have the Greatest Visual Theater setting in California if not the Nation.

Our incredible beaches, the Pier, and weather make Oceanside the place for Entertainment on the Beach a year round opportunity. If you have ideas, sketch them out and send your images to kruger1988@yahoo.com

They will be posted along the side bar, and the whole world will see the talented artists and designers at their Imaginative best…

We do have viewers from Europe, China, Africa, Asia, South America and every State in America and beyond… 

Friday, April 4, 2014

In an Instant: Oceanside Via Instagram
Oceanside is an ever-changing diverse community with so many wonderful, fleeting moments and we want to freeze time to 2014 at the Oceanside Public Library! Capture some decisive moments, shoot some pictures and post them on Instagram for a chance to be in a juried art show at the Oceanside Public Library.

All you have to do is tag your authentic photos on Instagram @OCEANSIDELIBRARY to submit. Photo submissions can also be emailed to oside.instagram@gmail.com. However, please note all photos will be cropped into the iconic Instagram square. Submissions must be received by June 1st, 2014 in order to be considered.

Twenty images will be selected by an artist panel consisting of representatives from Main Street Oceanside, Hill Street Country Club, Glassless Minds, The North County LGBTQ Resource Center, Oceanside Museum of Art, and the Oceanside Public Library. The top images will be printed and put on display at the Oceanside Public Library from July 1 - August 1, 2014.

The grand prize winner will have their original O'side Limited Edition Tee. Their winning image will be printed on an American Apparel t-shirt and sold at the Friends of the Oceanside Library Store, Hill Street Country Club Gallery, and OMA museum store. For more information, please call (760) 435-5625 or visit www.oceansidepubliclibrary.org.

Thank you.

City of Oceanside
Customer Care

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Artists of Oceanside and Beyond.

Tonight starts the planning process for our City of Oceanside’s budget for the 2014 – 16 time line. There will be opportunity for your voice to be heard for our desire for the City to support the Arts Commission with an operating budget for Public Art and Civic Art staff if only part time.

Last night at OMA our dynamic and creative Director, Daniel Foster, filled the Gallery on the main floor with an audience from far and wide to listen to a panel of Art Professionals speak to the issue of Cities, Arts Collaboration, Marketing, and the Visions of working together for the Region of North County to become a destination for not only artists to work and exhibit, but for tourism and job creation in the private sector.

This Audience came from all sectors of San Diego County. I am not surprised by this enchantment by those who came, for Oceanside is on the fast track for becoming the Regional Tourist destination of North County. No where else in North County are the Hotels of International draw power are being built with the opportunity to bring the “Art Travelers”  to the San Diego region. The new and burgeoning "City of the Bold and Beautiful" is our Destiny. The opportunity to be a player in the Art World of Venues, Festivals, and Performing Arts is ours to mold. 

Come and let your Voices be Heard!