Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Explore the Possibilities

This Friday the First of August, there is a new and wondrous event which will awaken the soul of the Art Adventurer. We all, artists and patrons alike want to see the new, the bold and the “bad” of the Art World which is emerging here in the Beautiful Seaside City of Oceanside CA.

Our City on the Hill is shining with the new improvements of Mission Ave and the emergence once again of Artists Alley. Artists Alley has gone through several metamorphoses and now seems to be again a place to find a transformative kind of energy and Art. Our young generation of artists/entrepreneurs are making the spaces vibrate with the finding of new emerging artists and their work in todays' digital age. The Digital Age consumes all of the oxygen in our world of the visual and it is with gratitude that the tried and true genres of the classical are making a statement here in Oceanside.

The Photography of the classical camera still works its magic, the oils of the masters still shine with the love of applied brush work, and the handmade works of the artisans still provide us with the wonder of “hand work”.

The Oceanside Museum of Art will show the incredible hand artistry of quilt making. The Main Street Oceanside venue will have the impressionistic paintings of our natural world, and Artists Alley will have galleries vibrating with the sounds of soul and enchanting us with work of Myles McGuinness, a world sojourner of photography  who takes us to the faraway worlds of surfing but gives us the wonder of seeing the classic expertise of the camera here in Artists Alley. Our love affair with the excitement of the "finding" of Art in the City of Oceanside CA has begun with the First Friday events. Come and join us for an evening of “walking, seeing, hearing”, the many voices of our City celebrating the Arts and the Discovery of Artists Alley and beyond…    


Friday, July 25, 2014

Come and Discover a new exciting event in Downtown Oceanside!!!
artwalk video