Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Last Night, in Artists Alley the vibe was sweet, the food great, and the Art Works were all prevailing. It was a Night of Celebration for all who have spent their time, sweat equity, and monetary equity to bring back to our Community one of the most fun venues in Oceanside for the Arts.  

The Inside Alley was brightly lit with not only with lights of celebration, the brightness emanated from the Crowds of People from our Business Community and the up and coming young artists of our North Coast.

Working Artists with paint brushes created art on the spot. Imagine this happening in our Downtown. Well get used to it. This kind of event will happen in our near future once a month in the North Coast District of Theater and Arts.  

Looking forward to these Visual Artist based Art Walks we hope the lights which lit up just one venue last night planted the seeds of Possibilities for our regional artists, the economic benefits for our Restaurants and shops, and most of all shine the “good life” on our City’s residents and Visitors.