Saturday, March 8, 2014

Oceanside and the New Media
Considering Digital Art…is it real Art?

“I would like to see the hand of the Artist” one of the Alliance members so stated when viewing a Digital Painting I had brought to the quarterly meeting of the group’s critique.

The General consensus was that the originality, content, and value of the art work itself I had brought to be shared was not considered, but the discussion was what was it? Could computer art be thought of as “real” art. This was rather disconcerting to me as I have a history of many different media in my production of work which includes Bronze Sculpture, Oils on canvas, water color, and Graphite. Having my work in collections by private collectors nationally and internationally, this seemed to me to be rather lacking in the awareness of what is actually going on not only at our Oceanside Museum of Art, but in Galleries and Museums all over the world.

The making of a digital painting in my work usually consists of a pencil drawing scanned into the computer then enhanced with a Wacom pad and Stylus. I use the stylus the same way as I use a pen or paint brush with the flexibility of being able to instantly correct my work as I progress through the evolution of an idea. My images may incorporate photos which I have taken and stored in a digital file.

We were fortunate to have James Enos at the Museum for the past months for his works are unique and complex in their structure. In his statement he mentioned that he used digital and laser technology to fabricate his housing sculptures. This technology has been in use for about 20 years, and it was demonstrated to me at my foundry in LA when they were involved in making a model for an Arabian Prince who was building a new palace.  These new technologies, * the Inkjet printer, the laser printer and the 3D printers are slowly becoming the lexicon of our 21st Century Art World.

I would like to share with you my process and the many wondrous advantages of the Digital World which gives me in my advancing years of existence a way of creating work without the physical angst. Aging is not fun, but with the new media I can be creative and productive. Everyday is exciting as I contemplate the possibilities of the “what ifs”.

The image in the lower left hand corner has one of my photos from Moonstone Beach near Eureka CA. In my work, the photos are always my own and I use them extensively taking elements from them for new work. 

“The imperfections of hand built art may not be seen in the making of a Digital Creative Work, but the heart and soul of the Artist shines through clear and true”.  R. Jameson

         The Many Manifestations of the "Eve Tree"
From a Pencil Drawing...

scroll down and view the various models built by this process...