Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Joanne Tawfilis
Joanne Tawfilis International Super Star 

The Arts Commission of Oceanside CA is so very fortunate to have on the panel folks who are professionals in the field of Art. I will be introducing my fellow members one by one for our Communities to become acquainted with them and to learn why we are so very lucky to have such dedicated and talented people serving our"City of the Arts". 

Joanne Tawfilis is an International Super Star in the innovative and fulfilling programs for Children the World over. Her love of "Seeing with Her Own Eyes" should be a model for all.  

The beautiful mural above is the dedication mural of The Women's Mural Mile. It was painted by Austrian artist Silvia Pecha in honor of Joanne's mentor, artist Laurel Burch, "a courageous and lifelong woman humanist, whose artwork has served as an inspiration and healing vehicle to women worldwide."
This mural was painted by St. Mary's School in Nairobi, Kenya as part of the Multicultural Diversity Mile. Art Miles Project Mural
Joanne Tawfilis is a retired UN Executive (Director of Human Resource Management Services, United Nations Environment Program; and Director, Management Services, International Atomic Energy Agency) and former Director of the Women of Srebrenica Project in the former Yugoslavia under the Clinton Administration. She is an award-winning careerist; winner of the Bob Marley Peace Award; recipient of the Peacemaker of the Year Award/My Hero Project, United Nations Association UNA USA (regional and local chapter); honored by the International Committee of Artists for Peace, the Youth For Human Rights International Peace Hero Award and a commendation from the California State Superintendent of Schools, to name but a few of her honors. Joanne was recently featured as a keynote speaker at the United Nations Youth Forum and 2nd World Conference on Arts Education held in Seoul, South Korea. In Seoul, she convinced the Incheon International Airport to display an exhibition of Art Miles Murals for the more than 18 million visitors, who will be able to view a sampling of more than 12 miles of hand-painted murals on canvas. In December 2010, Joanne was one of 4 women selected by AOL/AT&T to attend the lst TED Women's Conference in Washington, DC. Work of Art Miles and the Tawfilis' is also featured in the recently published important book, "Sea Voices" authored by Elizabeth and Duffy Healey.

As Co-founder/Executive Director, with her husband Fouad, of The Art Miles Mural Project and Art Miles Shoes of Hope, together have accomplished the incredible feat of mobilizing more than ½ million people from more than 125 countries to paint more than 4,000 murals, which were highlighted in a recent exhibition at the famous "Culture Wheel" in Cairo, Egypt, with live webcasting to over 200 million people throughout the world in collaboration with the Unity Foundation and Peace Day TV. Over the past five years, Joanne has also assisted in the facilitation, painting and delivery of more than 68,000 pairs of hand-painted shoes to disarmed child soldiers, children in need, and victims of human and natural disasters across the globe. Joanne was recently appointed as a Commissioner by the US State Department to the US National Commissioner for UNESCO.

Joanne and her husband are passionate advocates for youth, and together they have dedicated their lives to unifying people through the language of the arts in a meaningful, fulfilling, and fun way. Their work teaches and promotes collaboration, understanding, and respect on a global scale with the hope of generating sustainable educational programs and actions that prevent violence and promote peace.

Joanne earned a Master's Degree in Fine Arts (MFA) from L'Acadiana Art School and several other certifications in Management and Crisis Counseling Intervention.

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There are some Wonderful Videos of the Murals which have been completed. The artworks will amaze You!