Saturday, March 29, 2014

Considering the Arts…

Our City Council is in the Planning Process for the Budget 2014 – 16.

Jonathon Fohrman, Dean of Arts at Mira Costa College, and Vice Chairman for the Arts Commission will be giving the Statement of Importance for funding the Arts to the council at this very important meeting for the coming year.

Please contact your art colleagues, and if they have time, to come to the Council Chambers for a show of solidarity. This is important for artists of all levels of accomplishments. Students who are studying the new media where there are many jobs, mid career artists who are the driving force of creativity, and the Established Senior Artists who are our guiding lights of the possible. 

We need the support of all of the Artists in Artists Alliance. If you can’t come, please send an email to Bradley Penner at

Our sphere of influence reaches far beyond our City Limits. The exhibitions in the Southfair in Del Mar, and Encinitas are great examples of such an influence. One of the far reaching efforts of our Arts Commission will be the bringing together the various Arts Commissions of the North County to participate in a Retreat to realize forward thinking in bringing together the talents of our many Communities for Common economic benefits and Cultural Understanding in the various art histories of each. 

Partnering with the various stakeholders both in the Arts and Economic weight such as The Oceanside Museum of Art, Main Street Oceanside,
The Chamber of Commerce, Visit Oceanside, the various Art Commissions of North County will make our Region into a Destination of International Importance for the 21st Century and beyond…  
The Council Meeting of April 2nd at 5:00 PM is of prime significance in our quest for funding and re-establishing our Arts Commission as an economic force for our City to become Where the “Bold Meets Beautiful!”