Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Artists of Oceanside and Beyond.

Tonight starts the planning process for our City of Oceanside’s budget for the 2014 – 16 time line. There will be opportunity for your voice to be heard for our desire for the City to support the Arts Commission with an operating budget for Public Art and Civic Art staff if only part time.

Last night at OMA our dynamic and creative Director, Daniel Foster, filled the Gallery on the main floor with an audience from far and wide to listen to a panel of Art Professionals speak to the issue of Cities, Arts Collaboration, Marketing, and the Visions of working together for the Region of North County to become a destination for not only artists to work and exhibit, but for tourism and job creation in the private sector.

This Audience came from all sectors of San Diego County. I am not surprised by this enchantment by those who came, for Oceanside is on the fast track for becoming the Regional Tourist destination of North County. No where else in North County are the Hotels of International draw power are being built with the opportunity to bring the “Art Travelers”  to the San Diego region. The new and burgeoning "City of the Bold and Beautiful" is our Destiny. The opportunity to be a player in the Art World of Venues, Festivals, and Performing Arts is ours to mold. 

Come and let your Voices be Heard!