Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I5 Traveling North with Oceanside Blvd the next Off Ramp


As your drive along our City’s freeway entrances, we have Grey Grey Grey Walls. Some are cracked some are defaced with discrete graffiti, and the sense of our City’s image is grey.

In Solana Beach there has been a miraculous change in the Freeway interchange. The mosaic murals are beautiful and give a sense of the City’s image which is one of art and culture.

This was accomplished by the widening of the I5 Freeway project completely funded by Caltrans. The url included here will give the history and the funding of this project.
view the slide show to note the progress of the installation.

Can We have this kind of new freeway vision here in Oceanside? I believe we can. It will be up to our Community to voice their input for this new image of our Beautiful “Oceanside Country” and “Our Surf Country” to excite the populations driving down the I5 of who and what we are. Not Grey, But Bold and Beautiful Blue Ocean Beaches, a Fun Harbor, and a Downtown which is evolving into the possibilities of our full potential of a Resort destination.