Monday, May 5, 2014

Artist Josh Marlar

The Force of Digital
May it be with You!

It is scary, this new force in the world of Art. I have seen this perplexing reaction from my art friends who are traditional artists in the world of media which we consider the classic form of Art.  Who would want to do anything else in creating art for the new age of collectors? Remember when Andy Warhol did multiple prints in different colors of the same subject? The dots of Roy Lichtenstein, the introduction of the acrylic paints taking the place of Oils?

When the Oceanside Museum of Art presented the Art of Neville Page one of the patrons of the Museum had trouble considering this exhibition true Art. Never the less, this exhibition set record attendance for the Museum. Does this validate the new digital other worldly as Art? Apparently to the younger generation this is so.

History is replete with changes in the world of the Arts. It has to reflect the time in which it is made either to glorify an idea, or to shine the sun on the times it portrays. We live in the age of “screen”. It has come to many of us uninvited, and in our faces forcing our minds into images never seen in real life, and is made up from the imagination of artists much younger than I.

I have embraced the digital in my later years as a way to cope with the unsteady hands. It really does help, and keeps my art self out there in the ether with the new generation and we share the wonders of the “what ifs” in a way which wan never before possible.

This all brings me to the newest exhibition of Josh Marlar at the Hill Street Country Club Gallery in Artists Alley. Josh an adventurer in the world imagination, brings his creations to the Oceanside venue of Artists Alley.

It is wondrous for me to see the young energy which is transforming our Beautiful City by the Sea, Oceanside. So Welcome Josh, and may your exhibition bring you a much deserved success in the education of our Community to the Digital World of Art.
The Hill Street Country Club Gallery,
the Art of Josh Marlar