Monday, June 16, 2014

North County Sculptors

Last Week the North County Sculptors met at the Studio of Marta Hotell, Vickie Shepard, and Steve Erickson in San Marcos. The Studio Space is amazing and we were overwhelmed by the many sculpture fabricating machines which Steve told us about. 

Julia Rasor

This is the great ingredient for us as sculptors who employ such a wide array of media which we use in the construction of our Work.

"Cup Cake for Mom"
Marilyn Rudoff

Learning about our methods, the materials each of us use, and the advantages and limitations of the different media are some of what charges our meetings with energy, emotion and much laughter. Such a great time together with like minded colleagues give us much to reflect on and inspire us in the days which follow.
Sculpture by Marta Hotell

NCS meets every other month in the late afternoon…5:00 PM for about 2 ½ to 3 hours. We come from the many different areas of North County as well as some from the San Diego area. We have been meeting since last September and it seems like the time goes too fast.

"Mom in Heaven"
Mark Jurecki

Wood Sculpture
Scott Bruckner
We always bring something to share with our fellow artists. Not necessarily for critique but if the artist wishes to have some suggestions, he/she usually introduces the work for this kind of constructive input.

My sculpture producing years seemed far behind me but the Group has given this long time maker of art some new energy and purpose.

If you are interested in this group contact Scott Bruckner:

The Studio