Friday, October 17, 2014

Wednesday Night at OMA

It was with great pleasure that I attended a new and engaging presentation on the PTSD problem which our Veterans returning from a war have to contend with and hope to overcome to regain “normal” functioning lives in the non war environment of “Home”.

I have for the past five years gazed upon the “Green Hills” of Pendleton and wondered how these so young and impressionable men and women cope with the possibility and the actual being sent into a War environment and not coming “home” with entirely changed personality perceptions of being normal.

For what is normal for them, when a few short hours ago it was ok to kill someone, and now it is not. A few short hours ago your life was on the line and your buddies, and now your family is safe. A few short hours ago, noise was a warning of emanate hurt or death, and now it is only the TV.

Mark Jesinoski presented his lecture on “The Rebirth Initiative” using the creative experiential practices to build empathy for how trauma affects us all., Mark uses art as a medium for connecting, healing, and change with our local veterans the communities they call home”..     

The Museum has reached a new level for communicating with our Communities and the issues which are inherent with a population of Veterans and service personnel. The Art works by Mark illustrated the way some of these issues can be resolved and understood by the person who has the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This syndrome is not exclusive to the military. It can affect children, teens, wives, and seniors. The continued unresolved issues of suffering traumatic conditions will lead to the mental breakdown of the mind.

Thank you Mark for your being a part of the resolution of these issues, and we will continue to support your ongoing efforts to engage in a communal partnership of hope.