Tuesday, September 20, 2016


A Magnificent Presence. He was in our City of Oceanside. He and his talented wife Joanne, brought the Muramid Mural Museum to Artists Alley and so to the world. The first Mural Museum in the world to be founded and given life in an Alley which has seen the arts brought to a new and inspiring level in Oceanside.

A world traveler of peace and unbridled love for all Fouad was a unique force of energy, talent, love and an unending source of giving, us a new perspective of what love is all about.

In spite of the many health issues he had to contend with, he was always upbeat about what the next day, the next project, or the next possibility for what the art world could bring to us all. Love, Peace and Happiness were his priorities. He never wavered.

I do know this...He would say to me and all of You,

"Well what are we going to do today?  What new project are you going to give to the world, and how soon can we get started? I'm way ahead of you, so try if you can to catch up and show me your vision. You Can Do It..."  

This is what he would say to all of us.