Wednesday, March 15, 2017

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Monday, March 6, 2017


Michael Rosenblatt

I first met him back in 1992, while opening my Studio in Artists Alley around 8:00 am which was early for me. I can't remember why I was there so early in the day, but here I was with a steaming cup of coffee and my German Sheppard Dog Kruger.

My Studio was the place which where my art world came into being, and the making of my  sculpture and oil paintings. On this beautiful morning, I was ready to go to finish some small horse sculptures so they could be taken to the Foundry in L.A. 

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught an image of a young man coming up the Alley toward me. Michael, it was he, and looking rather hungry and very very tired. A slow wave to me, and when closer, he said..." I pulled an all nighter again".  Michael Rosenblatt one of the true artists I have met in my lifetime. A Painter of his truth without reservation, and his drive to create was magnificent in  the prolific output of Michael's World of Art. His paintings have matured over the years, but those early years were the findings he loaded into the crucible of discovery and completion of visions.

Michael was one of the artists pioneers who started the Thursday Morning Art events in conjunction with the Farmer's Market in Oceanside. It was a weekly event in which artists from all over San Diego County came and painted live and sold their art works to the folks who came to buy thier weekly veggies and flowers. The very first time we had our Alley Artists doing their gig, Michael made of sale to a couple for 1300. This was huge in our small artist group and set high expectations of what we hoped would be a new and powerful element of culture for Oceanside. This happened before the Oceanside Museum of Art was born.   

While I was in residence in Artists Alley, Michael had many Midnight Cowboy rides, he became one with his visions and to this day, he still does his gig in Oceanside. He painted "live" at the First Friday Art Walk at the Oceanside Museum of Art. His dynamic vivid paintings traveling the huge distance from Artists Alley to the Museum...only a block  away in reality, but in our world of art, miles traveled.  

First Friday Art Walk Oceanside CA at the Oceanside Museum of Art