Friday, June 30, 2017


Passion is the fuel of all great art forms. Wine making is one of those fundamental art forms we all love and cherish for the warm presence of nature's gift and the winemakers talent. A glass with friends and with it the appreciation of how this incredible fruit of the vine is the good finish to a fine day.

The Holme Estate Cellars Tasting Room Is located at 216 North Coast Hwy in Oceanside CA. They have lovingly completely refurbished the space and have given the “room” a true upscale presence. As a former Interior Designer, I could tell when stepping through the door, that here, was a new and exciting installation which proclaims the quality of their product.

On the wall the Grape is represented by a fragment of an ancient and gnarly vine of the Cabernet Sauvignon Grape. Julie envisioned at once that this ancient spirit of the vine needed a home. (no pun intended). So it now is the center art work, indeed a sculpture of nature, of this new space where we can linger good with friends and a glass of Art of the Grape. Passion becomes art in many forms...we find one form here, in Oceanside, in the Art Building of many arts and artists, the Holme Cellars Tasting Room.

Holme Estate Cellars - the People and the Business
Craig and Julie are professional winemakers and viticulturists. In this role we are farmers, scientists and artists all wrapped into one. We love crafting a product that can be shared and enjoyed by all
After years of domestic and international winemaking experiences Craig and Julie conceptualized Holme Estate Cellars and started making wine from the family's farm in Australia
The first commercial vintage was an Australian 2009 Shiraz, importing to California for sales. This inaugural vintage scored 91 points from the Wine Spectator.
They started making wine from California fruit in 2013, an attempt to reflect our multicultural union
and in 2015 we started looking for the perfect place to open a Tasting Room

The Vineyards - California + Australia
Australia farm has been in the Holme family for over 100 years. Planted to Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon we make single variety wines that express the Mount Benson region of South Australia's terroir. We also make Reserve style wines from these vineyards and a Rose from Shiraz
California grapes are sourced from prestigious vineyards throughout the State in an effort to showcase the best varieties of various regions

Why Oceanside - the Tasting Room
Julie and Craig feel at home. O'side reflects our diversity of culture and love of community. Craig grew up near the ocean and loves to surf.
It's a place for people who want to enjoy a glass of wine, for those who'd like to taste/explore a variety of wine and especially for those who enjoy wind on a regular basis and who would be interested in the benefits of a wine club contact Julie...she is our newest jewel in the Art Building.

You can contact Julie  Here .

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


ART is many things to many different people and with 10 folks in the same room, you will have 10 different definitions of what Art is. For me, one of the elements of 'art' is Presence. By presence, I mean that when you view a work of art, you have a connection which is visceral and yes, seductive in the sense that you are drawn into another world of the making. The process of the making is one of another world away from our own reality, and you visit and have a communication with the maker of what he/she gave forth as their vision of their world's self. There is recognition of a message and you engage with the visual message and when you come away, there is a sense of having shared a journey with the maker.

This is why when you gaze at an overwhelming sunset, or a roaring waterfall, there is a sense of wonder of how this all came about. How did the elements of air, water, and molecules bring about this incredible scene of hypnotic splendor? The same can be said about a visual work of human made art. How did the elements of clay, molten bronze and plaster come about to make a work which is compelling in it's presence? 
The maker of the work brings together the many elements of a bronze with his/her hands, heart, and soul of care. With the human elements, you have this thing we call Art. It has presence, it has soul, and you stop, and gaze upon the voice of the making.

Such is the present offering of the Oceanside Museum of Art's exhibition of “Meaning of Bronze. The display of the bronze faces and hands have a voice of thunder, a voice of sorrow, and voices of acceptance. We gaze at these works, the representation of some who have journeyed through the most perilous of places and have come home with the terrors of battle. Through the process of the making a profound journey takes place with the kneading of the clay, the shaping of form, and the casting process of the crucible. This process the takes pain into a new direction away from our emotional self and the mind which endures the pain.  We heal with the making of our selves into another place of control, and another place without conflict. In the process, sometimes, we make Art. 

The Maker of the sunset, and splendor of a majestic water fall, well that's another story, one which will remain a mystery for our human existence for now....

Sunset Oceanside CA 2017 Ruth J Jameson 

Ruth J Jameson