Saturday, February 4, 2017

Find out what Our Arts Commission is promoting and the new opportunities for our Community Artists and Art Patrons.

On the Agenda; A new mural for Libby Lake...we do need the inspiration of our Artists and Community members to take their energy to this beautiful park which has had many problems over the past year. So hooray for the Arts lets help make a difference!

There is to be discussion about the RFP  for the Master Plan for the Arts for our City of Oceanside. We need our Community members to take a stand on the importance of a Stakeholders inclusion to the process. There should be an ad-hoc committee to be a dominate voice in this process. After all, OCAF, MSO, The Muramid Museum, The Oceanside Friends of the Arts and OMA are the folks who's  energies have made things happen in the Arts for the Past 25 years. They should not be ignored. I urge all of these organizations to show up on Monday and make their voices heard loud and clear

CA Arts Council Cultural Districts Pilot Program is also on the agenda for discussion. Again the organizations listed above should be proud to make this part of the Discussion, for Oceanside can be the hub for the Arts in North County if we make it our mission to participate.