Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Dawn of a New Day

Yesterday at the by-monthly meeting of our Arts Commission, there were actually people in the audience. How many times in the past years have I sat in the Council Chambers and no one was there but the Commission and Staff. What a wonderful feeling to have the Community come up to the lectern and have a passionate dialogue which they care about as Stakeholders in our Arts Community.

There were two board members from the Oceanside Museum of Art as well as the New Executive Director Maria Mingalone, Main Street Oceanside represented by Gumaro Escarcega, My favorite Union Tribute newspaper columnist, Lola Sherman, Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation board members, Dmitriy Demidov – Vice President, Ann Mortland OSAF Secretary, and others from our Oceanside Community.

I am happily optimistic about this new change for our Arts Community and I believe that it has a lot to do with the Commission's new liaison from the City council Jerry Kern. A champion for our Art Museum, the enthusiastic supporter of last summers Phantom Gallery, a continuing presence at the Muramid Mural Museum, and an advocate for funding for the Commission.

His warm and friendly presence at our Meetings will generate the perception for our City's commitment to the Arts as an economic driver for our business Community.

There was lively commentary from those in our audience concerning the participation of a Steering Committee to have a Stakeholders contribution of concerns and visions with the chosen Art Consultant who will be developing a Master Plan for the Arts in our City of Oceanside. We are hopeful that the Stakeholders in our City who have spent decades in creating events for the Arts, Supporting the Arts with their time, money. Blood, Sweat and Tears will have a voice in our City's unique needs in the implementation of a policy that will define our image in the Art World Regionally, Nationally, and Internationally for years to come.

We all look forward to this new and vigorous participation in the coming year. It does take all our collective efforts not just voices to make a difference for our vision of Oceanside to become an Arts Destination on our North Coast of San Diego County and Beyond!