Thursday, July 27, 2017


Once a Year we do this thing called “The OMA Ball”. It is a time for our stepping out and stepping up to support our Oceanside Museum of Art. The realization of a dream come true. The OMA is a place where we come together to see, savor, and consume not only wonderful art, and culinary delights, but on this night of stars, we indeed have the opportunity to salute and reward our members who give so much to OMA.
We were welcomed by our glamours and dynamic Executive Director Maria Mingalone. Our time on the terrace was enhanced with champagne and nibbles and the lively conversation of greeting old friends and meeting new friends of the Arts. We then strolled down to the transformed Civic Plaza in her party dress. 

It always is amazing to me how this magic is accomplished. It is due to the Lady of the hour, Cheryl Weiner who year after year leads her team to transport us into a venue of Arts with Entertainment and Great Dining. Cheryl is our charming event leader and one who engages us in her passion for OMA on our ongoing path of giving back to OMA. She is one of the brightest lights in our OMA art world. 

Cheryl Weiner 

The Dinner was as always wonderful, three courses served with the appropriate wine selections. Music gave us rhythm to our evening enhanced by the dancing waters of the Civic Fountains as a backdrop.

The 2017 Medal of Distinction this year was given to four of our longtime and committed members of OMA who have contributed so much  to our Museum. Sara and Ray Botts from the very beginning of the early years in the creation of OMA, Billie Nunan, an artist and aid to our first director, Skip Pahl, and Ermie Terry, who is central in the many facets of OMA from committee memberships, to new member greeting organizer, and fund raising events. Her husband Jim was our neighbor to Artists Alley in the early days and a true lover of the Arts. These folks are our truest “lights” of OMA.

Sara and Ray Botts, Billie Nunan, and Ermie Terry

Dancing and a lively auction filled the remainder of our evening under the stars. I did have one dance with a long time art friend, and my heart and mind remembered the many times this dance was with my beloved husband Robert who gave his energy to my wanderings down this path I call Artists Alley which on this night is on the other side of the Plaza we all call our Oceanside, the City of Arts.

I dedicate this posting to my Husband Robert and the memories 
I had on this starry night....
Ruth J Jameson