Monday, September 18, 2017

O'Arts Town Hall Meeting

The excitement was palatable and full of anticipation with the coming together of Artists, Patrons, and Community members who would like to see more Art events in Oceanside. We were tasked to sit at tables which were designated as “Arts and Tourism, Creative Placemaking, Public Art, Cultural Equity, The Big Idea, Art Walk and Individual Artists”. We had lively discussions for 20 minutes, then on to another table for another 20 minutes.

We expect to have a synopsis of the many ideas and visions that were discussed with much passion and vigor. The evening was a success as many new folks who had recently moved to Oceanside seemed to be our most eager supporters for the Arts. Recently moved from San Francisco, Laguna Beach and Fallbrook were some of our new Patrons and have joined OMA.

There is a web site which gives many details of the event.