Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Dear Friends and Colleagues

As we continue to celebrate Oceanside as a Cultural Arts City, the East side of Oceanside is beginning to have an art energy of its own. We who live and create in East Oceanside are energized by the new venues which are becoming a welcome harbinger of great things to come. The Heritage District has long been the center of our Cultural awareness, and for visitors a must see. The San Luis Rey Mission  and Heritage Park are the time honored center for our Visitors far and wide.   

As our City's Master Plan for the Arts becomes our guide for the future, one of the elements mentioned is to have venues for the Arts which are not necessarily traditional galleries.

To this end, The New O'side Bakery is presenting art on their walls for their patrons of good food. It is widely known that good food and art go together. So in June we are presenting the first of many openings for this upscale eatery.

is our first Artist with Pete Harwood and other regional artists to follow every two months. Patrick will be at the O'side Bakery for June and July. Photographer Pete Harwood for the months of August and September. We will have an opening for each artist who displays in this engaging venue.

We hope you will join us to celebrate our newest venue for the Arts in Oceanside, to let the whole world know that here in East O'side we will be a player in the world of arts for our region.
Pete Harwood   Oceanside Pier