Saturday, August 4, 2018

Fred Tomaselli

In viewing Fred Tomasellis's works the space in your mind will expand into a new and “Dislocated Reality”. Like looking into a vortex, one work has an unrelenting pull, physically drawing you ever closer to the work until, your are standing with your nose an inch from the painting. The detail of his works is seductive and a new exciting experience.

Rarely do I write about the exhibitions at our Oceanside Museum of Art, for writers far better than I do the reviews for our local publications. However, this time, I because of my great enchantment of his works, I happily dare to give this humble blog a heads up for our Local and International followers the chance to experience his work. The two YouTube videos will give a good overview of his works and more, to have a chance to hear and see his process in constructing art forms which will be new to most of you.

I have worked in resin, and know how deadly this medium can be. Using respirators is mandatory or as I did sometimes work underwater to take the deadly dust away. Never though, did I consider using a blowtorch to finish my sculptures. The heat raises the tiny bubbles in the resin so they will surface and dissipate with the finishing. So, I can relate in some small way to his process with the resin. The small pieces of illustrations of birds and leaves of the actual visual aspects are beyond my head-space to digest. The minute pieces of materials used are truly Mind-blowing.

July 28th to December 2nd
at the Oceanside Museum of Art
704 Pier View Way
Oceanside CA 92054

Ruth J Jameson

Pelé      R J Jameson
Cast Resin  sculpture