Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Elizabeth Murphy and Stormi Posch


A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the closing of the Muramid Mural Museum in Artists Alley downtown Oceanside. These musings about “new doors” opening were among my closing remarks and while this new venue has been active in Oceanside for some months for the Art Walk events, now this venue is embracing the arts into the beautiful interior spaces for a fine arts performance and visual gallery display.

Two remarkable young women who's energy is contagious are Stormi Posch and Elizabeth Murphy, and are responsible for opening this “new door” for the Arts in Oceanside. Between these two powerhouse energy producers, they have opened the doors and the heart of the new Hotel, The SpringHill Suites by Marriott to our arts community and have infused into our downtown a new vibe, and exciting arts possibilities.

This Coming Sunday, the 12th of November, Gailee Walker Wells, of Theatre Arts West productions and co-produced and sponsored by SpringHill Suites, will present “Ensuite” an event of original paintings, performance and readings.

We hope that you can come and enjoy this new form of fine arts entertainment in Downtown Oceanside. Our visual artists and performing artists have been making Art Waves for 25 years in our Arts District in Oceanside.  

Monday, November 6, 2017

Friday, October 27, 2017


Oceanside, California – October 27, 2017

Oceanside First Friday Art Walk will be celebrating its’ next monthly event with a “Fall in Love with the Oceanside Art Scene” theme featuring local artists, musicians and dancing in downtown Oceanside, Friday, November 3d from 5:00pm-9:00pm.

“Our monthly event has grown significantly this past year as more and more artists as well as visitors fall in love with the vibrant Oceanside Art scene. And the November event is particularly timely as we head into the holiday season looking for those unique, locally created gifts for our family and friends,” said Susan Brown, president of the Oceanside Friends of the Arts.

November’s event will continue to feature dozens of local/regional artists, several musicians and over 20 venues in the downtown Oceanside Cultural District. A new addition to the Art Walk this month will feature the Cadence Dance Project, which recently opened at 222 Wisconsin Avenue in Oceanside. The mission of Cadence Dance Project is to cultivate an environment where dance and community can harmoniously blend together. Our youth are not only given exceptional dance technique and instruction, but are playing an integral part in our community through service and leadership. Dance teams from the Cadence Dance Project will be performing at various venues throughout the November Art Walk event.

The Art Walk area covers a 5-block walkable expanse in downtown Oceanside that is bordered by Pier View Way and Mission Avenue (north to south) and Nevada Street to Cleveland (east to west). Oceanside Pedi-Cab will also be offering complimentary transportation between venues and art exhibits for attendees. Main pick-up locations will be on Mission Avenue or Pier View Way, or you can call the phone number for pickup that is printed on the back of the Art Walk maps available at the event.

Oceanside Art Walk is Produced by Oceanside Friends of the Arts a 501 © 3 Organization Tax ID 81-2397930
“The Oceanside Friends of the Arts seeks to develop, present and promote arts & culture programs in Oceanside through fundraising activities & endeavors, in partnership with the City of Oceanside & the Oceanside Arts Commission.”

Monday, October 23, 2017

Oceanside Sculptor


 Ving Simpson is a great man in stature, and an intrepid artist when creating his sculptures of materials which are normally not thought of in making of fine art.

His work is intricately involved with texture and mass. Tar Paper is a pervasive element in his work as it is easily melded into works both massive in size and exquisitely small in the assembly of texture. His work generates a force of presence which is seductive in it's ability to literally draw  you into the work.
Looking into the center of a Ving Simpson work of Art

His work may be viewed at the Hill Street Country Club Gallery at The Link Soul Lab, a couple of miles south of Artist's Alley it is a gem of a Gallery to find in our Oceanside Art scene...

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Michael Rosenblatt Watching Eyes...

Michael Rosenblatt one of the original Artists Alley Artists. His work is on murals in L.A. and San Diego Counties... Welcome Back Michael, but has he has told me many times, His heart belongs to Artists Alley and Oceanside, for that is where he started on this path we call Art.    

Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Many Doors of Artists Alley

There is a saying, When one Door Closes, another will Open. One Beautiful Door has closed in Artists Alley. The Muramid Mural Museum is now in storage awaiting their new venue hopefully in Oceanside.

Is there a future for individual artists and Art studios/centers in Oceanside, especially in Artists Alley? When in 1992, My space for the very first studio/gallery in Oceanside, in an alley full of the every nights detritus of the homeless and their cohorts, I paid 300. a month for rent. Within a few years we had nine working artists in residence in the Art Building. Now the same space rental is 1800.00. I can think of no artist capable of affording this kind of rent. The Alley is not retail. It is an alley and as such there is no foot traffic or highway visibility which would give the artist any way to attract clients and customers. "The Alley" as it is affectionately called, has been the life center of our Monthly First Friday Art Walk and the Muramid, it's main attraction.

For Centuries, artists have worked and created in out of the way lofts, backrooms, warehouses, and other non desirable places to make their art works. The drive to do the art thing, is not an option it is a fact of existence. For the true artist, they will create their works in a bedroom if no other spot is available. In our Downtown area, these little out of the way places for Artists have disappeared and our Artists have left.

Large cosmopolitan Cities have always had these small spaces for artists,writers, and performers. They also have the vital element of Arts Patrons. These individuals will open the galleries, playhouses and support the Libraries that are essential for a thriving Arts Community.

Oceanside is in the process of creating a Master Plan for the Cultural Arts which include the fine arts, visual, performance, musical, and the written word. OMA had been a leader in the fine arts as an institution, and the Library our guide for the Arts Commission. In an article in the San Diego Union Tribune this last week, which was about the creation of a Master Plan for the Arts, the mention of Galleries was included twice. As of now, there is one gallery, and one artist studio and their future is uncertain. Is there a way to include individual artists and bring galleries/art centers to our downtown Oceanside? Perhaps a new format could be considered.

A civic Art Center is one way in which many cities have been successful in providing a place for teaching and creating the Arts. City buildings are another way to create gallery spaces where people come on a regular basis looking for building permits and new business possibilities. These folks are prospective consumers of art and potential clients.

As we contemplate the many doors of Artists Alley it might be that these doors become a state of mind. These doors can be in Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee shops, City Hall and in vacant malls in our City. The Artists would be well served to have a partnering with our City in this endeavor, to include this dilemma of unrealistic rents for future artists occupation, and to create new spaces in our Downtown in the Master Plan for the Arts.

Perhaps East Oceanside can be a new Door. South Oceanside has opened the Door for artists and artisans with the participation of many of the new young business owners with the South O Walkabout” There are many doors within the Educational structures of the Oceanside Unified School District along with Mira Costa. So my journey down the pathway of Artists Alley will continue to have my presence for what ever can be arranged, but we now seek to find new Doorways that will become the New Artists Alleys of our hearts desire. We await our beloved Muramid Mural Museum's search for a new Home and we hope that it is in Oceanside.

Monday, September 18, 2017

O'Arts Town Hall Meeting

The excitement was palatable and full of anticipation with the coming together of Artists, Patrons, and Community members who would like to see more Art events in Oceanside. We were tasked to sit at tables which were designated as “Arts and Tourism, Creative Placemaking, Public Art, Cultural Equity, The Big Idea, Art Walk and Individual Artists”. We had lively discussions for 20 minutes, then on to another table for another 20 minutes.

We expect to have a synopsis of the many ideas and visions that were discussed with much passion and vigor. The evening was a success as many new folks who had recently moved to Oceanside seemed to be our most eager supporters for the Arts. Recently moved from San Francisco, Laguna Beach and Fallbrook were some of our new Patrons and have joined OMA.

There is a web site which gives many details of the event.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017



Thursday, September 7, 2017

Hello To All Artists In the Greater Oceanside Region.

I have signed up for this event, and would love to have Artists in our Community participate in the "Open Studios" which would give a totally new element for our City of the Arts...
Ruth J Jameson

Sunday, September 3, 2017

O’ Arts
Oceanside’s Master Plan for the Arts
A Cultural Plan for the City
Please attend

Arts Individual/Arts Organization
Town Hall
Thursday, September 14 5:30-7:30 p.m.
330 N Coast Highway
Civic Center Library Community Rooms
Oceanside, CA  92054
Please attend to provide your input on the City of Oceanside’s first Master Plan for the Arts
For more information and to RSVP contact
CJ Di Mento at 760-435-5614 or arts_commission@ci.oceanside.ca.us

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Remembering Fouad Tawfilis 


One year ago I was still operating the Phantom Gallery on Coast Hwy. It had been a splendid summer with success in the sales of many art works, and the public finding a gallery in Downtown Oceanside on PCH. The Art Building which is home to many great eating venues, is also on the Alley side filled with Artists , Musicians and a place we proudly know as the Muruamid Mural Museum and Art Center.

With the creation of this art filled place of world wide murals, we have the privilege of seeing first hand murals painted from artists Internationally as well as Regional San Diego creators...

The First ever Mural Museum in the World, has given new energetic vibes to Artists Alley that now has become the Center of the Action on First Friday Art Walk in Downtown Oceanside.

The space of the Phantom was leased, so I'm no longer there, but still bring my heart to this pathway to the Arts which has given so much to the Downtown. There is a much more important and worthy absence to be mentioned. The Presence of the co-founder of the Muramid, Fouad Tawfilis.

Fouad Tawilif Ph.D was the Co-Founder of  the Muramid. He gave to our Arts Community as the first President of the Oceanside Friends of the Arts a grounding in patience and love, acumen for the galleries, and most of all the integrity of purpose of which he never wavered. He guided the rhythm of the Alley like a Father to us all and gave us love and understanding when we needed most. We miss Him and know that on this anniversary of his passing, he will be in spirit dancing with us on this First Friday of September 2017.                    
Aki Drumming on this Special Night

Sunday, August 27, 2017



As I walked up to the entrance of the Oceanside Museum of Art, I met a young family with two dancing children. We stopped a moment and I asked, Did they enjoy the exhibition? Oh Yes the mother exclaimed, we are going to have something to eat, and we will be back. The Kids loved it !!!

This was going to be a wondrous night of Disney brought to Oceanside. Most folks think of Disneyland as being a kids thing, but seeing the work of Rolly Crump in this comprehensive exhibition shows just how much it belongs to all of us when we become Kids ourselves for a night. There was in a small room off to the side, with an adult offering of exotic images which are rendered in magnificently splendid hues and incredible detail.

The three dimensional imaginings of Rolly's are delightful and seductive. The work draws you into the creative mind of a man who never stops “seeing” magical possibilities.

What is Imagination? I believe it is the answers of a curious mind when it asks the question of “what if”?. The “what ifs” and the answers are realized in the product or art form the artist or scientist create.

The imagination of the artist is what drives a powerful force to “do” something when an idea starts become the question..and the mind unleashes images of wonderment. The doing of something is nonnegotiable, it is a compelling force not to be denied. In Rolly's case, this creative force brought us; The Enchanted Tike Room, the Haunted Mansion and It's a Small World and the many art works never before seen by the public at large. Here in Oceanside, many of the Children never get to see Disneyland. I hope that we can spread the word on our social media platforms to come to OMA and enjoy this magical kingdom of Rolly's at OMA. Kids are Free and it will be memory to be treasured forever.

Walk through this Portal of Imagination at OMA August 26 – February 18, 2018

Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday 11:00am–5:00pm
Thursday, Friday 11:00am–8:00pm
Sunday 12:00–5:00pm
Closed on New Year’s Day, Easter, July 4, Thanksgiving, Christmas DayThe first Saturday of each month is free admission.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Artists Alley Drummers

AUGUST 4, 2017
First Friday Art Walk
Oceanside CA

On this night in a place called Oceanside CA, I stroll down the street to take in the First Friday Art Walk making it's presence known with music, visual art, and the large crowds of folks taking in the “scene”. I started at the Oceanside Museum of Art around 5:50, but the program was just getting underway, so I decided to come back later for my meeting the friends I knew would be there later.

Making my way to the Oceanside Art Gallery was  walkomg the top loop of the circle of the art walk map. Joseph was there to show off his new works which were so different from his previous works, kinda like a surreal take on Dali about glasses. Brilliant Blues jumped out at me, blue is my addiction in the color world. Blake Kern was there with new works which beguile me every time. This time a small free standing very small object with a face to fall in love with. 

Continuing down Mission Ave, I came across a new and charming place,“Panels” a comic book coffee bar. Upscale and perfect in it's cozy feel of a room you remember from childhood. A central table with chairs inviting you to sit and read a favorite comic book with a cup of coffee. They do have “Wonder Woman” comics, so I will definitely be back when I can spend time...It brought back memories of when I would sneak into the Drug Store and read comics until the clerk would kick me out but now, I can read until ….

Making my way down Mission Ave music was on every corner, folks just sitting on the new benches listening and keeping time on this lovely August night.
A set up in the Alley 

The Alley” was the theme I heard over and over again from folks walking about. Artists Alley is always my place to enjoy, I see the Ruth of 25 years ago dreaming about this kind of place where art abounds, and people with children watch, dance, and enjoy the art works in the galleries and set ups on the sides of the “Alley”.

Inside the Muramid Mural Museum the 
exhibition of “Bad as” men continues. As always the music is inviting especially to the young folks.

I met a charming man who does dog paintings. I photographed his works, unfortunately he does not have a web site. I will try to find out his contact info.

The Drummers were there, enchanting and seductive sounds go into the mind melding the beat, winding it's way into the back of the skull, and coming out with the feet moving with every vibration of the night. Love them all, they make “the Alley” come alive. 

Tolling back up the hill, and for me, it is a hard walk, I go back to OMA. 
The program” is in full swing and the crowds are amazing. I see and visit with old friends and new. Sitting on the small wall in front of the Museum, I realize that here is the Oceanside that I saw so many years ago, one that shines with promise with future of the new , one that is outreaching to old and new members of all communities, and One that most of all is filled with Art ! 


Thursday, July 27, 2017


Once a Year we do this thing called “The OMA Ball”. It is a time for our stepping out and stepping up to support our Oceanside Museum of Art. The realization of a dream come true. The OMA is a place where we come together to see, savor, and consume not only wonderful art, and culinary delights, but on this night of stars, we indeed have the opportunity to salute and reward our members who give so much to OMA.
We were welcomed by our glamours and dynamic Executive Director Maria Mingalone. Our time on the terrace was enhanced with champagne and nibbles and the lively conversation of greeting old friends and meeting new friends of the Arts. We then strolled down to the transformed Civic Plaza in her party dress. 

It always is amazing to me how this magic is accomplished. It is due to the Lady of the hour, Cheryl Weiner who year after year leads her team to transport us into a venue of Arts with Entertainment and Great Dining. Cheryl is our charming event leader and one who engages us in her passion for OMA on our ongoing path of giving back to OMA. She is one of the brightest lights in our OMA art world. 

Cheryl Weiner 

The Dinner was as always wonderful, three courses served with the appropriate wine selections. Music gave us rhythm to our evening enhanced by the dancing waters of the Civic Fountains as a backdrop.

The 2017 Medal of Distinction this year was given to four of our longtime and committed members of OMA who have contributed so much  to our Museum. Sara and Ray Botts from the very beginning of the early years in the creation of OMA, Billie Nunan, an artist and aid to our first director, Skip Pahl, and Ermie Terry, who is central in the many facets of OMA from committee memberships, to new member greeting organizer, and fund raising events. Her husband Jim was our neighbor to Artists Alley in the early days and a true lover of the Arts. These folks are our truest “lights” of OMA.

Sara and Ray Botts, Billie Nunan, and Ermie Terry

Dancing and a lively auction filled the remainder of our evening under the stars. I did have one dance with a long time art friend, and my heart and mind remembered the many times this dance was with my beloved husband Robert who gave his energy to my wanderings down this path I call Artists Alley which on this night is on the other side of the Plaza we all call our Oceanside, the City of Arts.

I dedicate this posting to my Husband Robert and the memories 
I had on this starry night....
Ruth J Jameson 

Thursday, July 20, 2017


On July 22 of this month we celebrate our City of Arts now designated as a Cultural District by the California Arts Council.. We, the Artists, Commissioners, and Patrons of the Arts have been creating Art Waves for a quarter of a Century and on this night under the stars, we celebrate our Splendid Oceanside  Museum of Art we fondly call OMA.

Our City has come a long way in promoting the arts since I first moved here in 1991. At that time, there was no Artists Alley, the Brooks Theater was closed, the Star was on and off, and OMA did not exist. We had dreams back then. Ginny Tompkins and I spent many long hours dreaming about what could and should come to our City on the Hill. We were both on the Arts Commission and were trying “find” a key to opening the door of the Art World for Oceanside.

The Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation had been tasked by Mayor Bagley to bring Culture to Oceanside. This great Foundation had been formed before I moved to Oceanside and many ideas had been offered, but none had taken root in our fair City. At one of our Commission meetings, Chairman Dr. Kieth Broman gave us a task to "Find" venues to hang visual art. We were thinking a gallery space that would be cost effective, maybe a vacant store front.

Walking the downtown, it seemed that there was no suitable site until the vacant Old City Hall building came forth for consideration. It had been bordered up for years and was destined to be the City Clerk's storage building for records. When the City Council heard the concept presented by OCAF, they came into the light of our vision. The rest is history. The Star Theater shines with performance, the Brooks performs wonderful plays,and has film festivals , Artists Alley is our joyous place of studios, and The Muramid Mural Museum, all because OMA was the catalyst for change. We Celebrate our City tonight on the 22nd of July, but most of all, most of all we Celebrate our Oceanside Museum of Art which began the transformation of our downtown. OMA we thank you !

Thursday, July 13, 2017



A special thanks to Joanne Tawfilis for her amazing work in bringing the Muramid Mural Museum to Oceanside, the first Mural Museum in the world.

Newly launched program celebrates the state’s diverse and abundant cultural treasures
SACRAMENTO, CA – The California Arts Council has announced the 14 districts that will serve as California’s premier state-designated Cultural Districts, highlighting thriving cultural diversity and unique artistic identities within local communities across California.

• Balboa Park Cultural District, San Diego - San Diego Region
• Barrio Logan Cultural District, San Diego - San Diego Region
• The BLVD Cultural District, Lancaster – Los Angeles Region
• The Calle 24 Latino Cultural District, San Francisco – San Francisco Bay Area Region
• Downtown San Rafael Arts District, San Rafael - San Francisco Bay Area Region
• Eureka Cultural Arts District, Eureka - North Coast Region
• Grass Valley-Nevada City Cultural District, Grass Valley/Nevada City - Gold Country Region
• Little Tokyo, Los Angeles – Los Angeles Region
• Oceanside Cultural District, Oceanside – San Diego Region
• Redding Cultural District, Redding – Shasta Cascade Region
• Rotten City-Emeryville Cultural Arts District, Emeryville - San Francisco Bay Area Region
• San Pedro Waterfront Arts, Cultural & Entertainment District, San Pedro – Los Angeles Region
• SOMA Pilipinas – Filipino Cultural Heritage District, San Francisco – San Francisco Bay Area Region
• Truckee Cultural District, Truckee – High Sierra Region

A Cultural District, as outlined by the program, is a well-defined geographic area with a high concentration of cultural resources and activities. Each of the 14 districts will receive the designation for a period of five years, per state legislation. Designation, under this pilot launch of the program, includes benefits such as technical assistance, peer-to-peer exchanges, and branding materials and promotional strategy. The Council has partnered with Visit California and Caltrans for strategic statewide marketing and resource support.

Originating with the adoption of Assembly Bill 189 in 2015, authored by Assemblyman Richard Bloom, the California Cultural Districts program aims to leverage the state’s artistic and cultural assets. Aligning with the mission and values of the California Arts Council, the districts will celebrate the diversity of California while unifying under an umbrella of shared values—helping to grow and sustain authentic grassroots arts and cultural opportunities, increasing the visibility of local artists and community participation in local arts and culture, and promoting socioeconomic and ethnic diversity.

Districts will also play a conscious role in tackling issues of artist displacement.
Pilot cohort districts will offer feedback to the Council to ensure the subsequent launch of the full program in 2019 will be supportive, accessible and appropriate for all types of cultural centers.
The 14 districts that comprise the program’s first cohort were selected with variety in mind, intended to help tailor the program to meet the complex needs of a state kaleidoscopic in nature. Districts range developmentally from emerging to established; include an emphasis on cultural consumption, cultural production, and cultural heritage; and are located in urban, suburban and rural areas.

“State-level designation of Cultural Districts, with California’s diverse geography and regional variety, allowed for an entirely new and comprehensive look at our deeply valued cultural assets,” said Donn K. Harris, California Arts Council Chair. “Each community's personal and generational commitment to these assets speaks of a state deeply invested in the places and people that celebrate local traditions and creativity. Our goal with the pilot launch of this new program was to support a group of districts that met high but broad standards of coherence, vision, and purpose – ones that could set an example for districts that will follow as the program develops and grows.”
“These Cultural Districts showcase California’s cultural diversity and vibrant experiences," said Caroline Beteta, president and CEO of Visit California. “The districts are one more way to highlight the one-of-a-kind places throughout our state that inspire residents and visitors alike.”

Selection for the California Cultural Districts was conducted through a multistep process, including an open call for initial letters of intent, a peer panel review, site visits for semi-finalists, and an invited finalist application. The program was highly competitive and received interest and submissions from dozens of communities across the state.
Harris added, “We know there are many gems waiting to be polished, and the California Arts Council is committed to providing support and ongoing service so that all deserving districts have the opportunity to be recognized. We will continue to encourage local efforts that address the social and economic challenges and opportunities that may arise as these districts evolve.”
Additional new districts will be eligible to apply for state designation in 2019 through a finalized certification process.
Learn more about the California Cultural Districts program at www.caculturaldistricts.org.
# # #
The mission of the California Arts Council, a state agency, is to advance California through the arts and creativity. The Council is committed to building public will and resources for the arts; fostering accessible arts initiatives that reflect contributions from all of California's diverse populations; serving as a thought leader and champion for the arts; and providing effective and relevant programs and services.
Members of the California Arts Council include: Chair Donn K. Harris, Vice Chair Nashormeh Lindo, Larry Baza, Phoebe Beasley, Christopher Coppola, Juan Devis, Kathleen Gallegos, Jaime Galli, Louise McGuinness, Steven Oliver, and Rosalind Wyman. Learn more at www.arts.ca.gov.

For more information contact Cathy DiMento  CDiMento@ci.oceanside.ca.us  

Friday, June 30, 2017


Passion is the fuel of all great art forms. Wine making is one of those fundamental art forms we all love and cherish for the warm presence of nature's gift and the winemakers talent. A glass with friends and with it the appreciation of how this incredible fruit of the vine is the good finish to a fine day.

The Holme Estate Cellars Tasting Room Is located at 216 North Coast Hwy in Oceanside CA. They have lovingly completely refurbished the space and have given the “room” a true upscale presence. As a former Interior Designer, I could tell when stepping through the door, that here, was a new and exciting installation which proclaims the quality of their product.

On the wall the Grape is represented by a fragment of an ancient and gnarly vine of the Cabernet Sauvignon Grape. Julie envisioned at once that this ancient spirit of the vine needed a home. (no pun intended). So it now is the center art work, indeed a sculpture of nature, of this new space where we can linger good with friends and a glass of Art of the Grape. Passion becomes art in many forms...we find one form here, in Oceanside, in the Art Building of many arts and artists, the Holme Cellars Tasting Room.

Holme Estate Cellars - the People and the Business
Craig and Julie are professional winemakers and viticulturists. In this role we are farmers, scientists and artists all wrapped into one. We love crafting a product that can be shared and enjoyed by all
After years of domestic and international winemaking experiences Craig and Julie conceptualized Holme Estate Cellars and started making wine from the family's farm in Australia
The first commercial vintage was an Australian 2009 Shiraz, importing to California for sales. This inaugural vintage scored 91 points from the Wine Spectator.
They started making wine from California fruit in 2013, an attempt to reflect our multicultural union
and in 2015 we started looking for the perfect place to open a Tasting Room

The Vineyards - California + Australia
Australia farm has been in the Holme family for over 100 years. Planted to Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon we make single variety wines that express the Mount Benson region of South Australia's terroir. We also make Reserve style wines from these vineyards and a Rose from Shiraz
California grapes are sourced from prestigious vineyards throughout the State in an effort to showcase the best varieties of various regions

Why Oceanside - the Tasting Room
Julie and Craig feel at home. O'side reflects our diversity of culture and love of community. Craig grew up near the ocean and loves to surf.
It's a place for people who want to enjoy a glass of wine, for those who'd like to taste/explore a variety of wine and especially for those who enjoy wind on a regular basis and who would be interested in the benefits of a wine club contact Julie...she is our newest jewel in the Art Building.

You can contact Julie  Here .

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


ART is many things to many different people and with 10 folks in the same room, you will have 10 different definitions of what Art is. For me, one of the elements of 'art' is Presence. By presence, I mean that when you view a work of art, you have a connection which is visceral and yes, seductive in the sense that you are drawn into another world of the making. The process of the making is one of another world away from our own reality, and you visit and have a communication with the maker of what he/she gave forth as their vision of their world's self. There is recognition of a message and you engage with the visual message and when you come away, there is a sense of having shared a journey with the maker.

This is why when you gaze at an overwhelming sunset, or a roaring waterfall, there is a sense of wonder of how this all came about. How did the elements of air, water, and molecules bring about this incredible scene of hypnotic splendor? The same can be said about a visual work of human made art. How did the elements of clay, molten bronze and plaster come about to make a work which is compelling in it's presence? 
The maker of the work brings together the many elements of a bronze with his/her hands, heart, and soul of care. With the human elements, you have this thing we call Art. It has presence, it has soul, and you stop, and gaze upon the voice of the making.

Such is the present offering of the Oceanside Museum of Art's exhibition of “Meaning of Bronze. The display of the bronze faces and hands have a voice of thunder, a voice of sorrow, and voices of acceptance. We gaze at these works, the representation of some who have journeyed through the most perilous of places and have come home with the terrors of battle. Through the process of the making a profound journey takes place with the kneading of the clay, the shaping of form, and the casting process of the crucible. This process the takes pain into a new direction away from our emotional self and the mind which endures the pain.  We heal with the making of our selves into another place of control, and another place without conflict. In the process, sometimes, we make Art. 

The Maker of the sunset, and splendor of a majestic water fall, well that's another story, one which will remain a mystery for our human existence for now....

Sunset Oceanside CA 2017 Ruth J Jameson 

Ruth J Jameson  

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hafsat Abiola – Nigeria & Anna Deavere Smith, Playwright
Mukhtar Mai – Pakistan & Susan Yankowitz, Playwright
SEVEN recently premiered in Southern California, the soulful stories of these 7 remarkable women came to life and the audience was WOW’d; it will move you, inform you and leave you both hopeful anJoin Us for a Remarkable Documentary Play

Saturday, June 3, 2017 at 7 pm
212 F Artist Alley, Oceanside CA. 92054 Hosted By Joanne Tawfilis
(Contact 760.231.1010) Donations Gratefully Accepted

SEVEN: All prevailed, despite the challenges they faced, creating a story of hope and change.
SEVEN is a groundbreaking work of documentary theatre that captures the remarkable lives of seven diverse and courageous global women leaders. A collaboration of seven award winning playwrights, the play is based on personal interviews with seven women in the Vital Voices Group Leadership

Network. Each triumphed over enormous obstacles to bring about major changes in their home countries of Russia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, Guatemala and Cambodia.
Marina Pisklakova-Parker – Russia & Paula Cizmar, Playwright
Mu Sochua – Cambodia & Catherine Filloux, Playwright
Anabella De Leon – Guatemala & Gail Kriegel, Playwright
Inez McCormack – Northern Ireland (deceased 2013) & Carol K. Mack, Playwright
Farida Azizi – Afghanistan & Ruth Margraff, Playwright
d inspired. For more about SEVEN: https://seventheplay.com/

Thursday, May 18, 2017