Saturday, August 5, 2017

Artists Alley Drummers

AUGUST 4, 2017
First Friday Art Walk
Oceanside CA

On this night in a place called Oceanside CA, I stroll down the street to take in the First Friday Art Walk making it's presence known with music, visual art, and the large crowds of folks taking in the “scene”. I started at the Oceanside Museum of Art around 5:50, but the program was just getting underway, so I decided to come back later for my meeting the friends I knew would be there later.

Making my way to the Oceanside Art Gallery was  walkomg the top loop of the circle of the art walk map. Joseph was there to show off his new works which were so different from his previous works, kinda like a surreal take on Dali about glasses. Brilliant Blues jumped out at me, blue is my addiction in the color world. Blake Kern was there with new works which beguile me every time. This time a small free standing very small object with a face to fall in love with. 

Continuing down Mission Ave, I came across a new and charming place,“Panels” a comic book coffee bar. Upscale and perfect in it's cozy feel of a room you remember from childhood. A central table with chairs inviting you to sit and read a favorite comic book with a cup of coffee. They do have “Wonder Woman” comics, so I will definitely be back when I can spend time...It brought back memories of when I would sneak into the Drug Store and read comics until the clerk would kick me out but now, I can read until ….

Making my way down Mission Ave music was on every corner, folks just sitting on the new benches listening and keeping time on this lovely August night.
A set up in the Alley 

The Alley” was the theme I heard over and over again from folks walking about. Artists Alley is always my place to enjoy, I see the Ruth of 25 years ago dreaming about this kind of place where art abounds, and people with children watch, dance, and enjoy the art works in the galleries and set ups on the sides of the “Alley”.

Inside the Muramid Mural Museum the 
exhibition of “Bad as” men continues. As always the music is inviting especially to the young folks.

I met a charming man who does dog paintings. I photographed his works, unfortunately he does not have a web site. I will try to find out his contact info.

The Drummers were there, enchanting and seductive sounds go into the mind melding the beat, winding it's way into the back of the skull, and coming out with the feet moving with every vibration of the night. Love them all, they make “the Alley” come alive. 

Tolling back up the hill, and for me, it is a hard walk, I go back to OMA. 
The program” is in full swing and the crowds are amazing. I see and visit with old friends and new. Sitting on the small wall in front of the Museum, I realize that here is the Oceanside that I saw so many years ago, one that shines with promise with future of the new , one that is outreaching to old and new members of all communities, and One that most of all is filled with Art !